Mindless Behavior Love Story

Taeja’s Pov-
Bein a mother is sooo hard especially at 15, heres the deal about a year ago i met this guy and thought he was perfect well as perfect as i thought cuz we were only together for a nite. My friends and I went out to a teen club n thats where i met him i drank, he drank n then we all knows wat happened after that. about a week lata i found out i was pregnant and when i called and told him he said it wasnt his and all that bull n oh how am a *** n i need to go find my baby's daddy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Goin to the Mall

Soliel- mama mama Soleil (pronounced So-lei)
Taeja- yeah baby
Soliel- doggy (points outside)
Taeja- ill get u a tuff dog tomorow ok
Soliel- ok
Taeja- now go play (puts her down and watches Soliel run off)
Lolo- (walks in her house and sits on the couch) hey hey hey
Taeja- dont u knock
Lolo- yeahh but thats sooooo old fashion
Taeja- watve, so wassup
Lolo- i jus finished textin cammi
Taeja- ohh
Lolo- u should date again
Taeja- wat boy is gonna wanna date me i have a 1 yr old baby
Soleil- Wolo
Lolo-hey shawty come here (picks her up and kisses her) she is too cute
Taeja- i am her mother
Lolo- yeahh yeah, but when u gonna tell me whose the dad
Taeja- ugh u dont need to know her dad
Lolo- do u know him
Taeja- duh
Lolo- well we gotta go
Taeja- go where
Lolo-the mall, we gotta meet the others there
Taeja- well lets get dressed
They both go and dressed and come out wearin this [polyvore]
Lolo- ohh we look good (checkin herself out)
Taeja- ur hoggin the mirror MOVE!!
Lolo- watev
Taeja- lets go (they both abou to leave)
Soliel- MAMA!! (Cryin)
Taeja- i'm so sorry baby (picks her up and rocks her) i gotta get her dressed
Lolo- let me do it (takes Soleil into her room)
They come back out and soleil is wearin this [polyvore]
Taeja- awwwwwwwww
Soleil- hold Ball mama
Taeja- (takes the ball) we ready now
Lolo- (still holdin Soeil hand) yup
Taeja- alrighty lets go (shouts) BYE MOM!! LUV U
T mom- BYE BABY!!
They all leave

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