The Outsiders; The Next Generation!

Chapter 3

Jenna Cade

I woke up and got out of bed. I looked in my mirror and saw the princess necklace on me. I sighed and said "I miss you Mom". I went downstairs and saw my dad making breakfast. I went in the kitchen and my dad turned to look at me, smiled and said "Hey Jenna". I frowned and said "Hey daddy". He looked at me and said "Whats wrong?" I sighed and "I miss mom, I wish she was here even though she died when I was 3 years old". Before she died, I got to know alot about her, my dad said "I miss her to sweetie". I said "Dad have you ever forgotten about mom at all?" He said "No I never could". I said "Why?" My dad was starting to tear up and said "You look exactly like her Jenna". I said "Sorry I never should have brought it up!" My dad looked at me and said "Its okay Jenna, I'm glad we can talk about her but its still hard". I said "Dad just one more question how did mom die?" My dad looked at his watch and said "You need to get dressed Violet going to watch you and Ethan while I go to work ok?" I said "Alright". I went upstairs and went in Ethan's room. I woke him up and he ended up getting out of bed when I left. I got dressed and brushed my hair. Ethan came down a few minutes later and my dad locked the door and walked us to Violet's and Soda's house. Violet was so excited to see us and I was happy to see Xavier and Blythe. I sat on the couch with Violet who was also my mom's best friend when she was young. I said "Violet can I ask you something?" Violet said "Sure sweetie". I sighed and started to tear up, I said "How did my mom die?"

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