The Outsiders; The Next Generation!

Chapter 2

Blythe Curtis

I woke up yawning. I sat up and smiled as I ran downstairs excited. I saw my mommy cooking with my daddy's arms around her. Xav was still asleep

I spoke, 'Good morning Mommy! and Daddy!"

Dad: "Good morning Blythe.. Hungry"

I nodded and he smiled and let go of mommy and came over to me and picked me up and sat me down. I smiled as my mommy gave me some eggs and bacon. I began eating

I spoke, "Yumm!"

My mommy laughed: "Oh Blythe.. your uncle Darry as taught me all he knows"

I smiled and nodded. Daddy kissed mommy

Daddy: "I have to get to work sweets"

he kissed my forehead: "I love you both. Tell Xavier as well"

Mommy: "Will do Soda"

Daddy left and my mommy smiled at me and pulled my hair out of my face as I continued to eat.

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