Ride a White Swan (a Marc Bolan story)

Bastian Jones arrives in New York to visit his brother, who has rose to fame as David Bowie, the glam rock star. However, when David introduces him to Marc Bolan, a fellow rock star/friend, the original plan for Bastian's trip changes.
Set in 1971 onwards :) please comment?

Oh and I am very aware that David Bowie is an only child. This is fictional.

Chapter 1

The airport

When I stepped off the plane I looked around. My brother said it would be easy to spot him; look for the glitter.
I found this strange...he was never into glitter when we were younger. Nevertheless I scanned the area for the slightest shimmer or sparkle, in vain.
I whirled around, to see my brother standing there, waving. We were twins, but, we were highly different. Sure, David and I shared the same sharp features, pale skin and forget me not blue eyes, but his hair was bright red and groomed into a sort of mullet. Mine was blonde in a semi-Beatle haircut.
'Sebastian,' He said, nodding. 'Gone back to mod haircuts, I see?'
'David,' I said tightly. 'Still looking like a tart, I see?' there was a moment of silence before we both broke out in laughter. He pulled me into a tight hug.
'It's so great to see you, David!' I exclaimed.
'You too! How was the trip?'
I shrugged.
'Same old...random bloke breathing down your neck while he reads your newspaper..' I moaned. David chuckled.
'That's just typical of you, Bastian,' He said. 'Come on, let's go.' draping his arm over my shoulder, David lead me out of the airport. Ever since he had hit stardom it had been ages since I'd seen him. But there, and it actually felt like we were brothers again.
But little did I know my arrival in New York would set off a chain of events that nobody would ever expect.

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