Under The Lights (One Direction Love Story)

Hey (: Well since I love our boys I decided to write a One Direction love story. I might also introduce The Wanted at some point but I haven't finished writing it yet so we'll see how it goes. I hope that you guys like it. xx

What is it like to have a famous brother? No one knew about me, until the day he showed up with his band mates. Was this good or bad? I don't know. Do I like one of his mates? There are a lot of things I don't know, but I'm guessing I'll find out at some point.

Chapter 3

Skinny Love

Julie's POV

Julie's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/lose_my_mind/set?id=49708628

I changed into some fresh clothes and looked for my jacket. After finding it I've put on some light make up and ran my fingers through my wavy hair knowing that there is no way I could make it look good. ON my way out I grabbed my bag and my favorite coca-cola flavored lipsmacker.
I glanced in the mirror one last time to check if my mascara was still in place and ran back downstairs. I found all the boys sitting around the breakfast bar in the kitchen talking. When they saw me they went silent and looked around trying to act cool.
"Anything I should know about boys?" I asked them already knowing what the answer will be.
"Nope, nothing you should worry about love." Louis answered.
"Let's GO!! I'm so hungry!" Niall exclaimed and with that we headed out the door in the direction of the small park.

Harry's POV
Seconds after Julie disappeared upstairs we bombarded Liam with questions sitting around the breakfast table in their kitchen.
"How come you never told us mate?" Niall asked,
"Told you what?" Liam asked clueless
"That you have a sister." Zayn answered.
"And a hot one at that." Lou finished for him.
"I already told you guys, we weren't on the best terms. We weren't even talking to be honest. Just before I left for the X-factor audition we had a huge fight and haven't talked since, and I knew that if I mentioned her you guys would want to meet her. Plus I just really didn't like talking about all of that." They all nodded, "Okay we get it mate. Don't worry we know now." Niall said to him.

"So Hazza, what's up with you?" Louis asked quirking an eyebrow.
"Oh, nothing, just thinking." I answered simply.
"C'mon we've all seen the way you look at her." Zayn said turning to me.
"I don't even know what you are talking about." Then we saw Julie standing in the doorway. I wonder how much of our conversation she heard. After a while we were all outside heading towards the park.

Liam's POV
We were having fun while walking to the park, just talking and laughing about random things.
"So, Ronnie how old are you?" Louis asked using a new nickname he had come up with.
"I'm 16." She said to him.
"Aw. So sweet and innocent." Louis said smirking and shooting Harry a look. I couldn't help it, I started laughing and Julie punched me in the arm lightly.
"Hey!! I AM innocent." She said like a five year old.
"Sure you are." I replied laughing while the boys gave Julie and me slightly confused looks.
"C'mon! She whined, "That was one guy!" She started to argue.
"Yeah, more like fifteen football players." I said laughing at her and the guys.
"Fine!" She said very loudly while standing on a nearby bench.
"I, Julie Charlotte Veronica Payne admit that I have dated at least half of the guys on in my brother's year. Still I declare myself to be innocent. " She yelled making passersby stare at her for a moment and then return to their everyday routines.

Julie's POV
When I got down from the bench the guys were all laughing at me and I joined in.
Just then my phone went off

Hey there Delilah
What's it like in New York City?
I'm a thousand miles away
but girl tonight you look so pretty

The ringtone sounded. I heard Louis gasp,
"Oh My God! Is that--" but he didn't get to finish because I've cut him off.
"Hey there Delilah? Yeah it is. Don't judge!" I said thinking how most of my friends didn't like that song.
"Oh my goodness! I think I'm in love." Louis said making a fainting motion. I giggled and looked down at my feet. When I looked up I saw Louis running towards me, he scooted me up in his arms and held me bridal style.
"Lou put me down!" I yelled laughing at him.
"Nope." He answered popping the 'p'.
"Louis Tomlinson you put me down right now!" I yelled still laughing at him.
"Not a chance love. You are mine now. MWAHAHAHA!" He imitated an evil laugh and started running towards the playground in the park we were heading to still carrying me in his arms.

When we got to the playground Louis finally put me down. I glared at him playfully and pretended to be mad. I crossed my arms and stood there with my back turned to him.
"C'mon. It was fun and you know it." Louis said
"It was not funny, you could have dropped me, and I could break a leg, or something." I replied still pretending to be mad.
"Aw I'm sorry." He said. I turned around and he gave me a bear hug.
"You're very huggable." I said, my laugh muffled by his sweater.
"Yeah. I get that a lot, but not from such pretty girls." He replied.
I just laughed at him. We sat down on the swings and talked about random things until the boys joined us. When they came I was laughing at some lame joke Louis just told me.

Liam's POV
As we got closer to the playground we spotted Louis and Julie sitting on the swings laughing at something. I glanced at Harry knowing that Louis thinks that he likes her and was trying to make him admit it. To be honest though, Louis's plan didn't seem to be working this time. Well, not like I'm gonna tell him that. When Louis sets his mind on something, you can't stop him.

Soon we joined them both at the playground and had a great time just sitting around and talking about everything that happened. Julie was sitting on the swing, Niall standing behind her and pushing the swing. She was just like a five year old. Sitting there swinging her legs and laughing as the swing went higher and higher. When the swing finally slowed down we talked about the X-factor and our performances so far. That's when we heard Julie's phone go off in Lou's pocket.

You're Harry Freakin' Potter
We don't prefer Gandalf
Merlin or Oz
You're a whole lot hotter
with that lightning scar
You're a superstar to us all
If we're in trouble we know who to call

It kept playing as Louis held it above his head and watched Julie jumping up and down trying to snatch it our of his grasp.
"You're not getting this back." He laughed.
"Oh we'll see about that Boobear." She answered and kept jumping.
For a moment she stopped and the boys seemed to think that she gave up. I however, knew my sister. She was probably thinking of a plan to get her precious phone back.
She slowly walked up to Louis as he held the phone above his head again, probably preparing for another jump.

Julie didn't jump, she walked up to Louis really slowly and put her arm around his neck, her hand tangled in his hair and brought his lips crashing down to hers.
The boys gaped at her. I just laughed knowing why she's doing this.
The kiss wasn't intense but it was enough to make Louis to drop his hands to her waist. That's when she snatched the phone out of his hand and ran in the direction of a tall oak tree. Meanwhile, the boys stood there still looking from her to Louis with wide eyes.
"Well, now you know what I meant when I said that she's anything but innocent." I laughed. They all nodded, shock and confusion still clearly visible on their faces.
Louis was the first one to break the silence.
"Well, I must tell you this, she's a really good kisser."
At that we all laughed, although Harry's laugh seemed really forced.

As the day went by Julie seemed to get closer with the guys and I was very pleased with that. They are my best friends after all, and she's my sister. Louis and her were like twins, equally crazy.
"I love carrots!" He shouted at her.
"Oh Merlin! Me too! We're like rabbit twins!" She yelled back laughing after having way too much sugar.
Zayn talked to her about hair products and newest styles.
"I was thinking about changing my hairstyle. What do you think RonRon?" He asked her.
"Well, yeah. We need you to look like a Bradford Badboy." She said and they both burst out laughing.
Niall, well, Niall was himself and she seemed to love him for that. In a friend way of course.
"You know you love me!" He sang to her.
"I know you care!" She joined him in the song.
"Just shout whenever!"
"And I'll be there!" They both collapsed in laughter as they sang the Bieber songs to each other.

Harry, well, he wasn't talking much.

[A/N: Hello (: Hope you don't mind but she is going to be a Potterhead, and as you probably have figured out already, a Starkid fan. Just thought you might want to know. Hope you enjoy it, I'll try to post the next chapter soon.]

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