Under The Lights (One Direction Love Story)

Hey (: Well since I love our boys I decided to write a One Direction love story. I might also introduce The Wanted at some point but I haven't finished writing it yet so we'll see how it goes. I hope that you guys like it. xx

What is it like to have a famous brother? No one knew about me, until the day he showed up with his band mates. Was this good or bad? I don't know. Do I like one of his mates? There are a lot of things I don't know, but I'm guessing I'll find out at some point.

Chapter 17

Restoring Old Bonds

"Julie?" Niall asked walking into the room.
"Are you busy?" He was acting like a timid child which made me think that he might want to talk about something.
"Nope, what do you need Nialler?"
"It's just that, you're one of my best friends. Yet ever since you and Harry started dating we never spend time together anymore."
"I'm sorry Niall. I've just been trying not to screw this relationship up." I confessed. "I'm glad you told me though, so how about we hang out today?"
"I'd like that," Niall gave me a soft smile. "I missed you."
"I missed you too." I got up from the bed and hugged him. "So, Nandos and milkshakes at McDonalds? What do you say?"
"I say you must be reading my mind."
"How about we go right now? We'll have more time to hang out, maybe go see a movie or something."
"Should I get Louis too?"
"As much as I love spending time with the both of you, I think him and Harry could also use some bonding time."

"How is you love life Nialler?" I giggled at his surprised expression. "Found your princess yet?"
"Not really, for now I'm just looking our for my best friend." He answered ruffling my hair.
"I'll be okay Niall, don't worry that much."
"Well, if anything changes, I'll always be here to help or cuddle perhaps."
"Thanks, you're amazing. But I honestly hope that the help won't be needed."
"Of course not, you and Harry are perfect together. I'm just putting the offer out there."

"Remind me again, why did we pick the horror movie?" I asked Niall squeezing my eyes shut and holding onto his arm for dear life.
"Because I like scary movies and you thought you could handle it." Niall was trying to put on a brave face, but I could tell that he was scared out of his wits.
That was when the murderer jumped out of his hiding place and attacked. We jumped too, about a foot in the air, spilling popcorn all over ourselves. We were sitting in the last row alone. The movie had been in the theatres for a while now, and there weren't many people seeing it today. The ones that were sat up close to the screen leaving the last rows empty, with the exception of Niall and me.
As another scary scene came on I found Niall's hand and intertwining our fingers squeezed it tight. I didn't care anymore that me actions might be misinterpreted. I was scared, and he was there so I hid my face in his chest and squeezed his hand even tighter. I quickly loosened my grip though, worried that I might hurt him.
"It's okay, I can handle your death grip."
"Next time that I'm the one picking the movie, not you."

When the movie finally ended and we got out of the theatre I was blinded by the sunlight.
"Ugh, my eyes. They're burning."
"Come on Julie. Let's go and get those milkshakes at McDonalds you promised me earlier."
"Oh, yay!" A silence fell around us as we walked to McDonalds.
"Niall, what are you going to do now that One Direction is no longer in the xfactor?"
"Don't really know. I'm not going back home, that's for sure. We have come way too far to back out now. Guess I'll just try again, with the lads preferably. I hope that they don't get discouraged."

"You know, ever since I can remember I wanted to sing. To have a song written and maybe even performed by me play on the radio. To have people really enjoy and understand my music and the emotions behind it." I gazed around imagining going shopping and hearing my song played. "Sorry, it is pretty stupid I know." I continued sipping on my drink.
"How is that stupid? It's your dream and since you know people that have a lot to do with music you have a real shot at it."
"I guess you are right. I'm just afraid and worried like always."
"What are you so worried about? You're starting to act like Liam," Niall asked me concerned.
"Everything really," I sighed, "life, Harry and I, my future."
"Is something wrong between you and Harry? You seem to worry about it a lot recently."
"I don't know, in the past I've always seemed to manage to screw something up." It was true, being the perfect girlfriend had never been my strong suit. "And he has been acting a bit strange for a while now."
"I'm sure that it was just the stress from the xfactor. You shouldn't worry about it this much."

"I know that this is probably starting to annoy you by now but I am worried. What if it doesn't work out? I won't be able to face him."
"You're not annoying me, and yes you will be able to face him. You know why? Because you'll have me by your side." Niall hugged me almost spilling the milkshake I was holding.
"Now don't you worry your pretty little mind doll. It's all going well so what's with the 'what ifs?"
"Guess I just like having a plan B, otherwise I might end up doing something stupid like moving to a different city or even country."
"Seriously?" He laughed.
"With me you never know." I said trying to keep a straight face but soon gave up on restraining my laughter.

"You young man should really find yourself a girl. I mean come on, someone this great can't be single for long."
"Well, there is this one girl I might kind of like." Niall confessed, a blush creeping up his cheeks.
"Oh, spill!"
"But she has a boyfriend, and they seem really happy together so that's a no."
At that moment I had a crazy feeling that Nialler was talking about me. But that's impossible so I quickly shook it off.
"That doesn't matter. You're Niall Horan. If she's got a boyfriend, she'll dump him. If she's halfway across the world she'll book a ticket and fly here. Nothing is impossible if you're willing to try and work for it.
"Thanks Juls," Niall said hugging me yet again.
Though this time he was successful at spilling my drink.

[Hi sweeties, sorry that I'm once again late with the chapter. I've been really busy with the end of term exams and what not. BUT the winter holidays are just around the corner and I'm definitely getting some writing done. Hope you liked it xx ]

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