Beneath the Curtains ~ A Clato Love Story

Woooo! Team Clato forever! :D Another fanfiction about the two lovers. <3.

Chapter 6


My slumbers are full of disturbing nightmares. My brother walks to school looking peaceful and serene. When he arrives at the door, a Peacekeeper walks out, pushing him into the janitor’s closet. He performs various acts of torture on Kepor; blows in the loins, forceful punches, when can’t get up, kicks to the side. I want to break into the closet and save him, but my legs won’t move. The Peacekeeper takes my now dead brother out of the closet, smirking evilly at me, and I can’t help at all.

I wake up covered in sweat, blinded from the beams of sunlight pouring in through the window. Shielding my eyes, I stand up and decide to take a shower. I’ve never seen one quite as high-tech as the one in the Capitol. It has buttons for various temperatures, water strengths, a variety of shampoos and conditioners, body washes, and more. The water is usually cold at home, and the showers sometimes don’t even work. I find myself jealous of all the Capitols luxuries, wishing they supplied them to District 2, their favorite of all the Districts. When I’m finished, I dry myself off, pick out simple clothes, and head off to breakfast.

“Good morning, Cato,” Lidan purrs, extremely long eyelashes fluttering. Her unconventional fashion sense scares me slightly, and I wonder why she’d want to look like an alien. I look at the chair next to her and find Clove consuming odd-looking fruits, scrambled eggs, and other unidentifiable items. Half of the food on the table is gone. How inconsiderate could everyone be, not leaving any good food for me? They know I need an excess amount of it to build up fat for the Games.

“Why did you guys eat all the food and not save any for me?” I grumble, looking around at the table. All that’s left is a soup that I’d rather not dine on, bread from each district, and a few pancakes. The extravagant food and other delicacies are gone. Those greedy bastards.

“We’re sorry, Cato. You were sleeping, and the food is marvelous here,” Debra whispers, shaking slightly. She has no room to talk. Why doesn’t she stuff herself with the damned morphine instead of eating things that could’ve belonged to me?

“Whatever. If I die of starvation, I blame all of you,” I say, taking turns to glare at each one of them. Over time, I’ve perfected the art of glaring viciously. If only looks could kill. I’d be even more positive that I’d win.

“You can have some of my food if you want. I’m full and don’t think I can eat anymore,” Clove says, smiling sweetly at me. Her beautiful smile makes my heart pound in my chest, but I try my best to ignore it. Clove and I won’t happen. I won’t let it.

“Why would I want your food? It’s probably contaminated if you touched it. I don’t want to be sick before the Games even start,” I growl, shooting her my best glower. Maybe that will get her to stay away from me and stop messing with my brain. She gets up from the table, looks at me like she’s about to say something, then shakes her head and walks off crying. What a drama queen. Good riddance.

“That wasn’t very nice, Cato. Way to make your little girlfriend cry,” Augustus says with a laugh, smirking at me. That does it. I reach out to punch him, but I’m held back by chubby arms. I turn my head around to see Grendel, and I try to take a swing at him, but he grabs my arm before I come in contact with his face.

“Remember what I said? Stay on my good side, kid. Your strength and weaponry skills might help, but your arrogance and anger issues could cost you your life,” Augustus states before walking out of the room. I hate him even more now. He keeps getting the last word and winning the battles. That’s my job, not his.

“Meet Liban at the elevator at ten,” Debra whispers, standing up, skin sagging now more than ever. She’s as disgusting as Augustus. Why would you poison yourself like that? I wish she could go in the Games instead of Clove. She deserves it way more; she’s a foul excuse for a human being.

I shake myself out of Grendel’s arms and stalk off to my room, slamming the door. I can’t deal with people right now. I don’t know how I’ll survive training without strangling someone to death. I don’t know who I hate more – Augustus or Clove. Augustus is a rude jackass. Now that I think about it, he’s a lot like me, but I don’t like it. Clove is beautiful, nice, and funny. If I wasn’t going into an arena where she’d die, maybe I’d like her or develop deeper feelings for her. But I am going into an arena where she’ll die, and she’s making me weak, so I hate her. She’s lucky she’s good with knives, or she’d by my first kill instead of my ally.

It’s almost ten. I brush my hair and clean my teeth, then make sure I have the perfect mixture of menacing and handsome for the tributes; just the right look to intimidate them. Once I’m done, I meet Clove and Liban by the elevator. Clove refuses to look at me and just stares at the ground. She’s so dramatic sometimes. God, I said one rude thing. Get over it. Forgive and forget.

The elevator ride down to the training room takes about a minute. The doors open to reveal an enormous gymnasium full of various stations, such as plants, knot tying, archery, and camouflage. I’m disappointed until the weaponry catches my eye. I start to walk over to it, but an older looking lady grabs my shoulder and stops me. I raise my arm to slap her hand off, but before that happens, she pins the number 2 on my shirt, representing what district I’m from. I look around the room until spotting five people with the numbers 1, 2, and 4 on their backs – the Careers.

I walk over to them, making sure to show off my muscles. Clove doesn’t even look at me. I act like I don’t notice.
“Hey, everyone. I’m Cato,” I say, and they all introduce themselves back and get to training; the girl from 1 is Glimmer, the boy from 1 is Marvel, the girl from 4 is Corvina, and the boy from 4 is Pompano.

I make small talk with a girl named Glimmer from District who’s really ditzy and a bit annoying while showing off. I can’t help but notice that she’s really pretty. Clove seems to be a bit jealous of the fact that I’m giving Glimmer most of my attention. Good. It’ll be my own revenge for her being so overemotional. Little does she know, though, that I’m barely even listening to Glimmer ramble on about how pretty the jewels are in 1. All I can focus on is her, how strong Thresh looks and how I must take him down, and how intimidated the other tributes look.

On the second day of training, Marvel, the boy from 1, starts yelling at small little boy from 8, shaking his broadsword wildly in the air. Glimmer, Clove, Corvina, Pompano and I all laugh hysterically. The boy is pathetic. He’ll definitely die in the Bloodbath. After being half-heartedly yelled at, Marvel walks back over to us with a grin. I give him a high five.

“That was awesome, dude. Did you see that dumb little runt? ‘Mommy, Mommy, he’s yelling at me! Come save me! He made me cry!’” I joke, over exaggeratedly fake crying and shaking to mock the boy.

“Yeah, I know,” he replies with a laugh, “What a baby. He doesn’t stand a chance. But do you see Glimmer? Damn, she looks hot with her hair tied up like that,” he says, staring lustfully at Glimmer’s blonde hair. I have to admit, she does look pretty good today.

“Yeah, I guess. Clove looks pretty nice, too.” I mentally slap myself as soon as the words come out. What was I thinking? I don’t even like Clove, and I just admitted my weakness to someone who could kill me.

“Ooo, does Cato have a little crush?” Marvel coos. It takes all my effort not to punch him. I don’t have a crush on her, and I never will. Why does everyone think I have feelings for her?

“No. I only said that she looks nice. You didn’t have to imply anything.” On that note, I walk off towards the spears, showing off in front of Katniss. Maybe now she’ll get the message that if she makes me mad again, the spear will go straight through her heart. Standing by myself probably makes me look pretty stupid, so I try to find someone else to talk to. I look to my right to see the three Career girls deep into conversation. I decide not to walk over and enter it, because it’s probably about boys or other girly things. I walk over to Pompano instead.

“Hey, Pomp. Cool trident,” I say in attempt to start a conversation.

“Don’t call me Pomp. That’s a really fvcking stupid nickname,” he grumbles, not looking at me and continuing to throw his trident expertly at the targets.

“Sorry for trying to be nice. You don’t have to be such a bitch about it,” I growl, throwing my spear at the target before he has time to throw his next trident.

“Just leave me alone,” he mumbles coldly and walks off. So far, all the company I’ll be with during the Games besides Clove doesn’t seem very fun. I’m not sure about Corvina, because I haven’t really talked to her, but she doesn’t seem like too much fun either.

On the third day of training, they start to call us out of lunch for our private session with the Gamemakers. District by district, first the boy, then the girl tribute. My time comes pretty quickly, and I give everyone a quick arrogant smirk that says ‘I’m going to do much better than all of you combined’ and walk into the gymnasium.

I give them all my winning smile, pick up a spear, and throw it straight into a dummy’s heart. They all clap slightly and whisper amongst themselves. I continue to throw various sharp weapons into dummies for a bit, then move on to the weight-lifting area, then fight hand-to-hand with a robot.

“Your time is up, Cato. Thank you and have a wonderful day,” the head Gamemaker, Seneca Crane, says, smiling politely me at me. I walk out thinking I did pretty damn good and head off to my room to sleep.

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