Beneath the Curtains ~ A Clato Love Story

Woooo! Team Clato forever! :D Another fanfiction about the two lovers. <3.

Chapter 2

The Final Goodbye

I wait in my room in the Justice Building, wishing I could just get to the Games and kick ass already. As if on cue, my mother bursts into the room, mascara running down her cheeks along with the tears and hair frizzing out. She gathers me into a rather tight hug, making it hard for me to breathe, and I hug back limply.

"Er.. Mom.. You're kind of suffocating me..," I say quietly, wanting to get this over with. I'm going to come home, so she has nothing to worry about.

"Oh, Cato. Why'd you have to volunteer? Why would you do this to me?" she managed to choke out through the sobs, not bothering to loosen her grip on me. God, I hate when she gets all overdramatic. I know she's worried because of Kepor and all, but I'm a grown man sort of. I can take care of myself.
"Mother, I have my reasons. I'm going to come home, so stop worrying so much," I groan.

"How dare you say that to me?!" she yelps, anger flashing into her eyes, but it's quickly replaced by concern. She lets go of the hug and rests her hands on my shoulders, staring deeply into my brown eyes. "Sorry.. It's just that there are so many things to worry about, dear. You're going into an arena with millions of ways designed to kill. You're going to be a Career, so the other tributes are already out to get you. Plus, I'm your mother. How could I not be worried that something I put into the world, something that I created might die while I'll be forced to watch through a screen, not able to help in the slightest?"

I never really thought about any of that. I was too full of arrogance and pride to see what my mother was going through. If I don't stop being so full of myself before the Games start, I'll have a pretty big fault that could cost me my life. "I didn't realize.. Sorry, Mom. I'll come home. I know I will," I whisper, biting my lip softly.

"Don't say that. You never know, Cato.. You never know.. Just remember that I'll always love you no matter what you'll do in the arena. Promise me you won't give up and you'll try your best. That's all I can ask for."

"I promise, Mom."

We hug until the Peacekeepers come and push her out of the room. She mouths the words 'I love you' to me, but before I can return the favor, she's out of view. I didn't tell her that I love her before she left. What if I never again get the chance to?

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