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Chapter 1


I don't put anything on this site anymore except for quizzes or questions or something like that. I go to this creative writing site called My name on the site is I'mNotAVampire. (I don't know if that will change or not). I have a couple stories that I really like and I think you should check them out. Please??????

First story is called Messy Ending it's a Ben Bruce fanfic from the band Asking Alexandria:
Loud music pulsated from the nearby venue out to the bus. It stood, imposing, over us as Ben dragged me into it.

I took in the scene of seemingly cleanliness. Ben dragged me further into the depths of the bus I had always hoped I would be on just once in my life.

I had met Ben at the signing after Asking Alexandria’s set and in spite of my better judgment, I accepted his invitation of following him to their bus, of course with reassurance that the other members wouldn’t be back until the early hours of the morning. I didn't do this sort of thing; sleep with guys I would probably never see again.

Even so I was pushed to the bed, stripped of any clothes I'd been wearing. Ben’s clothes were off in half the time mine had been stripped.

I bit my lip, tasting the metallic taste of blood inside my mouth, but Ben kissed me roughly anyway.

Sure, I wasn’t a virgin, and hadn’t been since high school, which in reality it had only been a few months since I’d graduated and a year since I'd had sex with the boy I'd sworn I was gonna be with forever, but he had ended breaking up with me after graduation, but I didn’t go hooking up with random band

Ben’s tongue held a faint taste of cigarettes and alcohol, but I still let everything go farther than it should have.
My other story is about Ronnie Radke from Falling In Reverse. It's called Saviour:
Bodies pushed and shoved their way past me, eager to arrive at lunch for their hour of social time. I found myself smacked, face first, into one of the blue metal lockers lining the narrow corridor of the east wing of the school

The halls emptied rather quickly, leaving me on my own to make my way out to the courtyard, by a tree that no one ever paid mind to, well, usually. Today a group of boys that most of the school knew stood, clustered, screaming angrily at each other.

"I don't get why it's such a big deal that I'm actually nice to someone for a change!" the boy I recognized as Ronnie screamed at his friend, Max.

I searched for a secure place to stand with the knowledge that a fight such as this had the capability to become violent. I slid myself behind the comfort of petite tree a couple yards from the rowdy boys, my head peeking around the rough trunk.

"Are you getting weak on us now, Ronnie?!" Max accused, shoving the muscular tattooed boy in front of him.

"We don’t always have to be arrogant assholes, Max!" Ronnie shoved back, Max stumbling back a few more inches than he had. His face was angry, nearly mirroring the expression on Max’s face.

My eyes, turning away from the fight, landed on that of Jacky Vincent. He gawked at the boys with speculative eyes. Jacky had transferred to Silverado High School from some school in the UK a couple weeks ago and I knew that Max and his crew had been terrible to him… except Ronnie. Ronnie had actually been nice to Jacky from what I'd seen around school.

"What about our rep man?!" Max yelled, having regained his balance from Ronnie’s shove. The rest of their friends hovered back toward Max’s side of the argument. These guys included Robert Ortiz, who preferred the name Rob, and Bryan Money. Everyone simply referred to him as Monte. It was blatantly obvious who the guys favored by the way they hovered by Max.

"Reps aren't everything," Ronnie growled lowly, scarily even, to the boy just a few inches shorter than him.

Those are just excerpts, but please go comment and recommend. It would really help me out! Please! :)


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