If Clove Never Threw That Knife (A Clato Victory Story)

Since our other story about Thresh worked out so well, Beth and I are doing another, this time with CATO AND CLOVE!!! :D They are the most awesome characters ever!! CLATO IS AMAZING!! But you don't wanna hear my Cato/Clove rants.. you want to hear about the story! So here's how it goes. I will explain the story in the first chap., then Beth will start writing the actual story in chap. 2, which will be in Cato's POV. I will write the next chap. in Clove's POV, then it will go back and forth. :D

Chapter 4

Training Day 1 and 2, Cato POV

Hmm... Don't worry.. I've got something up my sleeve... >:D

I'm joking. I love doing Cato's POV though, new fun ways to make fun of Marvel (Insert evil Marvelous joke here!)

Sorry this is long, it would be a LOT longer if I didnt edit anything.

Day 1
I wake up to hear mockingjays and Capitol people... And the sound of me hitting the floor.

"Bed's are too god-damn small!" I mutter.

"Maybe because ickle Cato is used to his rich double bed? C'mon kid, life's not a game." Brutus says through the door.

I grit my teeth. "No, because...." I stammer, thinking of words "Oh, just get off my door!" I yell, taking my face (Which has now left a mark on the carpet.) off the ground.

I get ready and see Enobaria, Brutus, Jay and Clove having breakfast.

"/your/ obviously not a morning person." Enobaria says. I grin.
"Well, it's kind of hard when your sleeping in the Capitol, isn't it?" Clove suddenly looks at me with a weird kind of feeling. I know we'd still be friends but I had to do it. She'll have to go home. I won't. Nobody cares about me anyways.

I'm invisible.

I have breakfast and join Marvel, Glimmer and Clove in the elevator.
"So, what's the plan?" I ask. Glimmer is next to me and almost squishes me, saying, "Outshine the others. First thing we do is take out Fire girl and her bread."
Marvel grins. "Ok, so which stations?" He asks.

"Our strengths? Spears, archery, knives, swords, whichever we're marvelous at!" I say, trying hard not to laugh again. Clove smirks. Glimmer giggles, and Marvel cracks a smile, but you can tell he's going to be very annoyed later.

We go to the elevator and see Districts 7, 11, 10, 3 and 5.

"Just gotta wait for the fire and the bread." Glimmer says. I smile slightly, thinking of how Glimmer would be an Ok friend back in District 2, although I'd have Clove over Glimmer any day.

When everyone gets here, we head to our stations. I wait in line (Not very paitently) As the District 3 girl falls on the agility. I smirk along with the others. I go and complete it.

However, I'm not too good at spears. Marvel gets the bullseye everytime.

"Duuude." I say, being annoying on purpose. "Show me how to spear! You're so marvelous at it." I pout. Clove comes over.

"Clove, tell Kitty Cat to stop bothering me." Marvel whines. Glimmer pops over from the edible plants.
"Aww, but it's fun! In fact, it's marvelous!" Glimmer laughs. I smirk this time, Marvel looks like he's going to bore out of his head, but Clove is smirking too. I go off to swords, which I do so well in the gamemakers are nodding in approval.

As usual, when Clove throws her knives the gamemakers are overwhelmed. Suddenly I notice my knife missing. Just as it's my go. I make a mental note not to say anything. I look up and see Rue with my knife. I don't say anything, as she looks frightened at me. I look down as Glimmer presses a knife into my hand.

"Use mine. I'm sure Marvel's will be more marvelous." And I laugh, going to do it. I throw it in the chest, kick it, and do more until I'm told not to.

I decide swords are my best option, so I go to do those again, and the girl from 7 stares at me, so I glare at her. I know who to kill first, and I confirm it when she tries to intimidate me. I just laugh and Mr. Marvelous comes over.

"Hey Mr. marvelous" I say.
"Hello Kitty Cat." He says, and we both start laughing.

Clove comes to join us, and after a few goes she says,
"I'll stick to knives. Better chance of me getting fire girl." And I smile at her.

Oh, Clove. If only she knew. (A/N: I wanted so badly to add a sad face here!)

We finally finish for the day and me and Clove go to dinner with our stylists.
We go to bed after.

Day 2!!

I wake up earlier than everyone else, and for once I don't fall out of "my" bed. I get ready and go exploring in the carriages. I pass Jay's, Enobaria's, Brutus', and suddenly I stop at Cloves. The door is open, and she's not in there. I peer inside to have a look.

"Need something?" I turn around and Clove is there.
"Oh, Um... Your door was open." I say

"I noticed." She nods. "I was having a look around."
"Same." I say, looking at a clock. 7:20.

"Let's get some breakfast." Clove says stiffly. I nod.

Slash! I hit the dummy again. The trainer nods at me as the District 3 girl has a turn. I smile. Clove and Glimmer join me and Mr. Marvelous and we see Peeta on the floor, injured.

"Well, he's just marvelous." Clove says, and even Marvel laughs. We see fire girl run over to him, and it looks like if she could, she could kill him. We stare until he gets up, making eye contact with us, then suddenly he grabs a giant medicine ball and throws it into the target, surprising all of us.

I frown slightly, and even high-maitainace Glimmer looks surprised. I walk off, my fists clenched. "I'm going to kill that girl." I say to myself.

Finally it's over and dinner with our stylists is very quiet.

"Do you have any strategies for tomorrow?" Enobaria asks. Brutus glances at me, as if I'm going to show off.

"I might do swords." I say stiffly. Clove hesitates before saying, "Knives."

"Well, whatever it is, I'm sure Cato won't have trouble." Brutus frowns at me.
"Why do you suggest that?" I ask, getting more uncomfortable by the minute.

"Because you succeed at everything, Kitty Cato." Brutus says, obviously knowing about what Marvel said.

"Oh cato, do this for me!" Brutus quotes in a high falsetto, pretending to be one of the many girls from District 2. I suddenly grab a butter knife and throw it at him. It sinks lightly into his left arm. When everyone takes notice, I run off.


"Cato?" I hear. I go to my door and open it. I see Clove, her eyes wide.

"Clove, it's 3AM." I say, trying hard not to groan from the tiredness. I didn't sleep.

"I can't sleep." She says. I nod. "I couldn't either." I lean against the doorway.

"Umm.. Want to come in?" I say, feeling a little uncomfortable and not finding words to say.

"Er, Sure." She says. We walk inside. I sit down on my bed and she sits on the edge.

"Why couldn't you sleep?" I say.

"I think you know." She says, and I do. I nod. Suddenly I begin arranging a blanket and pillow on the floor.

"What are you doing?" She says.

"Well, someone has to sleep on the floor. Have my bed." I say, and we go to bed.

For once, I fall asleep with no nightmares.

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