If Clove Never Threw That Knife (A Clato Victory Story)

Since our other story about Thresh worked out so well, Beth and I are doing another, this time with CATO AND CLOVE!!! :D They are the most awesome characters ever!! CLATO IS AMAZING!! But you don't wanna hear my Cato/Clove rants.. you want to hear about the story! So here's how it goes. I will explain the story in the first chap., then Beth will start writing the actual story in chap. 2, which will be in Cato's POV. I will write the next chap. in Clove's POV, then it will go back and forth. :D

Chapter 3

Chariot Rides, Clove POV

Heehee. Beth gets the dreaded re-make center this time. But I did it last time on our other story! I skipped the train ride, cuz we just want to get to the good part (a.k.a. the arena!) before people lose interest. :)
Read on!

~ Sarah ♥♥♥


"You'll be great, guys." says Enobaria. I scowl at her. "Really." She says. Oops. I didn't mean for her to hear that. Cato smiles at me. I scowl at him, too. He looks hurt. Oops. I guess I'm just in a scowly mood right now. I mean, why not? I got reaped for the Hunger Games, which wouldn't have been so bad if my training was over. But I was only in my 3rd year. However, I do get straight A's in training, not meaning to brag.

ANYWAY, then, I'm standing there on the podium, thinking, okay, maybe this isn't so bad. No one I care about is coming with me, so if I win, I get to come back to my family, (not that I like them too much - my dad is an alcoholic and he's violent) but my mum's nice. And Cato. I'd be coming back to him too, and we could get married someday. But, of course, he volunteered. Why? Because he wanted to protect me. By the time I'd convinced him he wasn't doing me any favors by sacraficing himself to save me, it was too late for him to back out. So, my life is pretty much headed for a dead end. Literally. Cato dies, or I die. Or both. But I refuse to think like that.

The elevator comes to the bottom, Cato, Jay, Enobaria, Brutus and I all walk down to the vast room where are the chariots are waiting. Our stylists, Ashrick (mine) and Frestine (Cato's) are waiting beside our chariot, a plain brown number with pure black white horses.

Cato and I are whisked off to dressing rooms, where I'm dressed in a shiny gold warrior's outfit. I look in the mirror, and realize I look amazing. I never do, so I'm shocked. Then I wonder how hot Cato must look, if he's wearing the same thing. I zone out onto the wall, daydreaming about him. Then I snap out of it. Loving him will only make his death, or my death, whichever comes first, more painful.

I step out of the room, and take my place beside Cato on the chariot. Glimmer and Marvel pull out into the hall, and we follow, a minute later. Cheers erupt. I can hear my name everywhere, and Cato's too.

A minute later, Cato takes my hand, and we raise them above our heads. HUGE cheers. I smile. But wait - the cheers aren't our names. I hear "Klatniss! Shmeeta!" Or, at least, that's what it sounds like. I can't even hear properly. So I turn around, and see the District 12 kids. They're on fire, they're burning. No wonder everyone's cheering. I can't believe this. What happened to Cato and I? It's like we vanished. I can't hear our names at all. Not once. Oh, these Games are off to a GREAT start.

We listen to Snow's speech, then we ride back to the room. Cato and I climb down, and go over to talk to Marvel and Glimmer.

"What happened there?" Marvel hisses. "They CAN'T outshine us!"

"Of course they can't. We're pretty marvelous, you know." Cato grins, obviously enjoying making fun of his name.

Marvel winces. "Stop it."

I shove him. "Seriously, Cato. Stop. This is serious."

"But I'm marvelous at making fun of him!" Cato laughs.

"Oh my God, Cato." Glimmer rolls her eyes.

"We need to do something, anything. We have to be the favorites if we want of us to win." Marvel says earnestly.

" MARVELOUS idea!" exclaims Cato, doubling over with laughter.

I let out a giggle. The guy is just so freaking cute. But I straighten my features, and offer my opinion: "He's right, Cato."

"So what do we do?" asks Glimmer.

"Well, we could get more allies.. " offers Marvel.

We agree.

"Who?" asks Cato. "Everyone here is Bloodbath material."

"Not that one." Glimmer says, motioning to the boy from District 11.

I turn around, and gasp. He's huge, maybe 6 and a half feet, taller than even Cato. For a second, I worry. Then I realize he probably doesn't even know what a machete is, whereas Cato has known how to use one since he was twelve.

We all march over to him, and Marvel requests that he joins us. Thresh glares down at him, suddenly making me feel very small. "You?!" he says. "Why I join you?!" Marvel stammers "Umm.. umm.." then walks away quickly.

Cato, Glimmer and I follow him back to our corner. "Well, that went just marvelously, didn't it?" asks Cato, trying really hard not to laugh.

"This isn't a joke, Cato." Glimmer says. "You want to win, don't you?"

"Relax, blondie." says Cato. "We'll be fine."

On the elevator back up to my room, I can only hope that he's right.

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