If Clove Never Threw That Knife (A Clato Victory Story)

Since our other story about Thresh worked out so well, Beth and I are doing another, this time with CATO AND CLOVE!!! :D They are the most awesome characters ever!! CLATO IS AMAZING!! But you don't wanna hear my Cato/Clove rants.. you want to hear about the story! So here's how it goes. I will explain the story in the first chap., then Beth will start writing the actual story in chap. 2, which will be in Cato's POV. I will write the next chap. in Clove's POV, then it will go back and forth. :D

Chapter 2

I can't leave her.

I guessed that Sarah would let me do the first chapter. She's got it all worked out... So I do the re-make centre! Grr... Well, I'll come up with something.

Beware! (Jk... Love you Sarah :))

"CATO! GET DOWN HERE!" Yelled a girl's voice. I yelled some words (Not to be used on Quibblo!) And dragged myself out of bed. Then I smiled in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. The Reaping. And I'm the volunteer. Nice. Time to show those losers from the Districts what I've got.

If I win, which I will, then I can go home to my sisters, Coraline and Rossetti. And Clove.

Clove Readington. The love of my life. You might think because I'm 16 and she's 15 (Turning 16!) That it would be weird, but it's not. (They think at school that if you date someone younger, it's weird.)
Ever since I saw her practising for the Games when she was 4 I was in love. Every knife that she throws gets me overwhelmed. She's perfect in every way.

Of course, I don't know if she feels the same way. We're so close, secret best friends. I hope she doesn't get Reaped. Or I'll volunteer. Or be Reaped. It doesn't matter. If She goes down, I go with her. She's my love. My life.

I finish getting ready and gown downstairs to my mother and sisters, who have started and finished breakfast without me. Hastily I grab some bread and sit.

"It's reaping today." Says the youngest, Coraline. She's 14. Rossetti is 13. Only I've taken tessarae, because I want to be in the Games. The girls are terrified. My mother doesn't care, nor my father. They just want a victor's winnings. Well, when I win the Games I'll share with Clove. Maybe Coraline and Rossetti, but Clove defiantly.

I finish and look at the clock. 10 AM. The Reaping starts at 2. I snap my shoes on and head for the door.
"Where are you going?" Asks Coraline.
"To go see a friend." I mutter. Thankfully my family has never met Clove.
"But the Reaping!" Exclaims my mother.
"It's not until 2!" And I run out the door, past the bakers, past the houses and to an old tree where me and Clove meet. We usually climb the tree, but on Reaping days we go inside a passage into the tree. The branches would scratch our clothes. (We're not in Reaping clothes at the moment, but we usually meet after we're dressed.)

Clove is already there when I get in.
"You're late." She says, brightly but has a gleam in her eye.
"Sorry. Slept late. Ready for the Reaping?" And she nods.

When Clove was old enough for her first Reaping only I could calm her down. I told her that she wouldn't get Reaped. It worked. A scrawny girl was picked and the first to die. Such a shame for District 2, but Clove was alive for another year.

It's the same with me. Only Clove can calm me down when I'm mad. She's the only person who know EVERYTHING about me. Ditto her.

"Oh well. Let's talk. What will happen if you go into the Games?" She asks, knowing that I want to go in.
"I will win and come home, so we can hang out in this tree." I patted the tree. She laughed.

I love it when Clove laughs. It sounds so natural, like she was born with it. Clove is just a normal girl, compared to me. Compared to other girls, Clove is called a freak. The other girls push her around, mainly because I'm her best friend and they've all asked me out. I hang out with the boys though. We're secret best friends (I did Lol at this, but it sounds nice :))

"Right. Well, I have to go see my mom. She'll want me." And Clove runs away. I had nothing to do, so I went outside the training centre to meet my other friends where we hag out. Only my other (Not secret) best friend Mike is there.

"Hey dude." Says Mike as we meet outside of the justice building.
"Hey. You ready?" I ask.

"Always! Dude, I hope we don't get reaped. Apart from..."
"Apart from what?" I say, confused.

"You know that 15 year old hot girl? Clove Readington?" He asks.

"I've seen her around." I say. "Why?"
" 'Cause after the Reaping I want to ask her out."

"Isn't she younger?" I ask.
"So? Has that stopped the 12-year-olds from flirting with you." And I think. Lots of girls hit on me. Especially Clove's other best friend, Hanna.

"What if she's reaped?" I ask, widening my eyes.
"Then I'll reap. Or volunteer. By the end of tonight, she'll want me." He laughs.

"Dude, you look so upset. Do you love Clove or something?" He asks seriously.

If only he knew! I thought.

"No. She's friends with my sister, so that'd be awkward for me." I say. His face falls. "Whatever." And we walk to the Reaping.


Jay Burlington (The e-s-c-o-r-t), has just finished the treaty of treason. he takes a name out of the boys first.

"Mike Jacoby." He says, and as Mike comes up, he grins at me.

"Clove Readington." And my heart sinks as Clove stares at me. Mike grins again. I look at her with pity, but she knows I'll volunteer. I have to now, as for these reasons:

1. I love her.
2. I'm going to make her win.
3. Mike is staring at her. With his eyebrows raised. I know what he thinks.

"Now, any volunteers for Clove?" Asks Jay. There's nothing but the wind. Jay sighs. I die inside.

"Ok, and for Mike?" Mike glares at me, but I don't care. I walk into the middle of the crowd, being seen by the cameras of Panem.

"I'll volunteer!" I yell loudly, mounting the stage.
"Excellent! And what is your name?" Jay asks.
"Cato Harrison." I say proudly, winking at Clove silently. She smirks.

"Well then, let's welcome our tributes for the 74th Hunger Games, Cato Harrison and Clove Readington!"

We shake hands, and for a minute, we hold hands, until she smiles at me and pulls away.

I can't leave Clove. I can't. So I'm going to let her win. Not even Mike.

Because I can't leave her.


Do you like it? Me and Sarah want to shorten some stuff so it doesn't get boring. Am I boring? Let me know. The date today is 19/7/12 (When I finished this.). Tomorrow is my last day at my primary school, then I go to high school! (We start high school when we're 11 in England.) Anyways, what's your school like?

We love you all!!

~Rue and Thresh ~ :)

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