What's Your Ghetto Name?

Just take each letter of your name, and whatever word is next to that letter, would be part of your ghetto name. For example, if your name is Bob, Then your ghetto name would be Nieeni, because B=ni, and O=ee.
Comment and tell me your ghetto name!

Chapter 1

Find out the name!

A= Sha
B= Ni
C= Ki
D= Que
E= Nay
F= Qui
G= Ti
H= La
I= Kay
J= Ri
K= Barack
L= Obama
M= Di
N= Ta
O= Ee
P= Ray
Q= Cli
R= Gurl
S= Na
T= Qua
U= Kwa
V= Ise
W= Fi
X= Quee
Y= Mi
Z= Si

For another example, my name would be: Ri-kwa-obama-kay-sha. Can you guess what my name is?

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