Some of my favorite Names

Okay just read below, it'll explain.

Chapter 1


Alright so you see I have been making this like of names since, I don't know, maybe the age of 8. And I stopped when I turned 13.

I am fascinated with Greek mythology so there are loads of Greek and Latin orgins.
I'm going to say this now so listen if somebody hates on this Itll be the last thing they ever do! I have worked hard on collecting this names!

Now to get on with it:

- This will consist of the name, meaning and orgin.

- There are three different categories Female, Male and Unisex (Both genders)

Bold = names of charatcers in my stories
italic = my name

Now please enjoy. And please note that this well be a good reference to go to if trying to pick names of characters in a story.

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