A Complicated Love ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

A Complicated Love ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

This Story is based of real characters.Well the friends are and Mindless Behavior Duhh.LOL.Teyanna is really just Paige Hurd

Chapter 2

Just Chapter 2

Once the concert was over we literally ran to get back stage.We got stopped by security guards."Passes Please" He said stopping us.Jada passed it to him.He opens up the curtains and let us walk through.We looked around hoping we would fine a trace to find them.Then we heard laughing we crept up in the door. "....And she was like Get it Get it" He said reciting what Jazzy said while he was performing.We walked in.

"Don't be putting out my business like that" Jazzy said crossing her arms across her chest.They heads all snapped towards us.They hurried up and jumped up.Roc and Ray jumped over the couch nearly falling.Imani and I started laughing.

"And what might you guys names be"

"I'm Jada" Jada said

"I'm Jazmond but you can call me Jazzy"

"I'm Imani"

"And I'm Teyanna" I said.Roc winked at me.

"Waours rent you that girl I was trying to give a ride earlier"Roc said.

"Girl you must be crazy to refuse to get a ride from them" Imani said.

"So you would get a ride from a dude in a big black tour bus" I said placin my hand on my hip.

"Shutup!" She said and slightly pushed us.

"I see I was on ya mind" Jazzy said smiling.

"You got that right" Prince mumbled under his breath.

"What was that" Jazzy said smiling.

1 hour Later

After an hour of hanging out it was time for us to go.We all stood up and hugged our 'Mans'.Before we left.

"Maybe we could hang out" Roc said to me as I pulled back from the hug.

"Yeah we could if I can get your number" I said smiling.

"First gimme yours" He handed me his phone and I handed him mines.I put my name in as ♥My Boo♥.Once I got my phone back I sent him a picture and he sent me one.

"Well we'll talk to you guys when we get home" Jada said.

"Well I guess I'll see you later Ray" Imani said not wanting pull away from the hug.But she managed to let go.After the girls got the dudes number we left out.We moused the backstage back door.It was pouring.Once I felt all the rain land in my hair I screamed.My suede heels are gonna be so ruined.We stood and waited for Jada mom to come.

"Uhh My mom said that she can't get us" Jada said looking down at her phone.I sighed.What did I do to deserve this.We walked down the street.We live like so far from here.Walking distance would be like an hour.

1 Hour 25 minutes later.

All of us walked in my house soaking wet.I took of my shoes and tossed it in corner.The girls did the same.We headed up the stairs into my room.We all went into our rooms.Yes they have a room in my house.We're close like that.I put on http://data.whicdn.com/images/20415558/y_large.jpg .I went into the bathroom tripping over my on foot.Almost landing face first.But luckliy my hands caught me.I stood up releaved that it didn't happen.I walked in to the bathroom and blow dried my hair out.I put it in a low ponytail.I picked up my clothing that was on my bedroom floor and tossed it in the bathroom hamper.I grabbed my phone from out of my clutch and walked out of my room closing the door behind me.I walked down stairs and Imani was downstairs.I walked down all the stairs which was alot last time I count the steps I think it was 25.I walked over to Imani who was sitting on the couch on her phoe.She had on this http://data.whicdn.com/images/12249669/x_thumb.jpg .If you can't see it.She has on green shorts.I whipped out my phone and saw I had a text from Trey.( Trey=MyBooTrey Me-♥MyBoo♥

♥My Boo♥-Nun Just got back wbu
MyBooTrey-Just Left The Arena
♥MyBoo♥Aww Ok.......
MyBooTrey-Well see you in a minute
♥MyBoo♥-What?What You Mean.

I hurried typed in waiting for a reply.Never Got one.Jazzy came down the stairs in this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/6ktEtn6I9Po/TP2_Rh40nuI/AAAAAAAAAJc/iht4ijk_bIU/s1600/pink+pjs.jpg .After Jazzy came Jada came and she had on this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=10078236 .Jazzy sat on the love seat.Jada sat on the other.We just started talking about the guys.

"Ray was feeling you Imani" Jada said smiling.

"Girl please looked like you and Prod was bout to hit it off". Imani replied looking down from her phone at Jada.

"Well Te was flirting with Trey and he was loving it" Jazzy said.

"Well I can get a boy to blush I got that effect" I replied smiling.Then the door bell rang.I stood up and walked over to the door and it was Mindless Behavior.

"Wh-What are you guys doing here" I said to them.

"Just came to hang out" Ray said letting himself in plopping hisself down on the couch next to Imani.

"Please,Why don't you come in" I said sarcasticallyThey all just walked in and sat down.I sat down next to Roc.

"Stop It!" Jazzy said laughing because Princeton was sitting on her lap moving his hips in a circle motion.

"So what you wanna do" Prod said to all of us.

"We have Pizza,Cookies breadsticks and a Movie Theater" I said.

"Yay Well come on and pop it in the oven" Ray said and jumped up and pulled me into the kitchen.When he let me go I walked over to the Freezer and opened it.I pulled out a Digiorno Pizza and Breadsticks home frozen pizza and Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.I sat them on the counter top.I walked over to the pantry and pulled out two baking sheets.One for the pizza and breadsticks the other for the cookies.I Preheated the over and 400 degree.I placed the pizza and the breadsticks on the pan and sat it in the oven.I cut up the cookies and placed it on the baking sheet.I put it in the oven also.Ray roamed through the snack cabinet as I left out the room


Just a small little chapter to let you guys read.Because a new chapter ont be expected until Tuesday

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