100 questions repost yearly updates!

Idk why i do this..

2013 update: so this is how I've changed...

2015, wow, I've grown so old!

Chapter 1


by: FerSure
1. Last Beverage? water...cus im cool like that XD
yeah, water, as always
I'm actually drinking water right now, I really never change!
Water, once again. Weird, considering how my diet consists of like 80% black coffee, green tea and diet coke

2. Last Phone Call? like....months ago....I dont like talking on the phone...
now it's been around a year. I don't like using the phone
Well yesterday, I talked with my mum on the phone
Few hours back, my little sis got home sick :,)

3. Last Text Message? a year ago or something...
i have no phone, so if you count Kik, I message my best friend daily
Now that I finally have a phone, let me check... okay apparently it's this "Caspar Lee looks so much like Carlos!"
"Dank memes yo" facepalm

4. Last Song You Listened To? NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES!!-adam lambert v.v
God I love Adam haha... Well now it was Breaking the Habit, by Linkin Park. I can relate to it.
Engel by Rammstein
West Coast by Lana del Bae-whoops, Lana del Rey

5. Last Time You Cried? i'd say more than a year ago...
THAT ONE WAS A HUGE LIE. I cried almost daily back then... I guess last time now was when my grandfather told me he couldn't believe how a whale like me could be a ballerina. I know it seems stupid, but being someone who's recovering from an eating disorder, that's not the kind of support I need.
A few days in the middle of Calculus class because I was all hormonal and the teacher gave me a zero on a test for not doing my homework
I can't remember. I honestly rarely cry these days.

Have You Ever:
6. Dated Someone Twice? Nope
Yeah that one's true...
Haven't even dated anyone, mopotatoes, I'm sixteen eugh, help
Still haven't dated. I'm seventeen. Help.

7. Been Cheated on? havent dated anyone
again, true
I'm sooo sad and loonelyyy
:))) stop

8. Kissed Someone And Regretted It? Never kissed anyone(waiting until 18)
True, but I'm only 3 years away from 18 and I still feel to young to.
I was waiting until I was eighteen? Lol fsfskjk bless my innocent soul. Anyways, remains true, I'm the epitome of virginity

9. Lost someone special? No
Not really, my whole family is still alive (thank God)
Lol @ that, I lost like 4 loved ones later that year, and this year I've lost like two
Yeah, that's not something I'd wish upon anyone.

10. Been Depressed? yeah... but it was a stupid cause and i regret it...
When I posted this I was. My struggle? I was fat+failing school.
Feeling super, super suicidal ♥
And yes, but I don't go around being all public about it anymore.

11. Been Drunk? Nope.
Thank God, no
Heavens, no
...like, yesterday? (senior year is bad, people)

List Three Favorite Colors:
12. WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. red
14. black

12. Navy blue
13. White
14. Black

12. Green
13. Red
14. Black

12. Pink
13. Aqua
14. Black

This Year Have You:
15. Made New Friends? quibblo...
still the same.
None, really, I'm not very fond of the people I meet on a daily basis. I did to get other people more
Yes, absolutely! I met the best people ever at uni!

16. Fallen Out Of Love? never fell in love
still the same
Can't call it love, but I fancied this one guy in my class and one day I heard him saying something that just made me lose all respect for him
Yeah, can't say I've ever fallen in love

17. Laughed until You Cried? you obviously don't know what being with my grandma is...
Haha yes, my grandparents have the most hilarious PG13 conversations.
Yes, but this will be a long story
See, in Puerto Rico we have this thing, we call vulgar, classless women "yal," it's sort of like an American "thot" I suppose
So they're known for doing things like having multiple kids, really long fake nails, wearing too much cheap makeup and going out in this thing we call a "dubi," which is basically like stretching your hair around your head with pins in order to keep it straight
And so the other day, I was joking about "yals" with my sister and her friend, and my grandma walks in wearing a dubi. We all nearly died.
Link to a picture of a dubi:
Here's my 2016 input about my grandparents: today my grandma got a Facebook and started judging people she knows in real life :,) bless her soul

18. Met Someone Who Changed You: yeah. it's name was brain and it made me fall out of my stupid depression
Yep, he's helped me gain some confidence and taught me how to not take everything seriously
^I honestly have no idea who that person was. And yes, several people, in fact, have changed me.

19. Found Out Who Your True Friends Were? uhuh!
i never had any.
I'm not a very friendly person. I have acquaintances but I've got no one I can open up to at 3 AM when I'm feeling low (ooh, much poetic, such wow) and I'm learning to cope with it
Yes, but I'll have to admit that going Frank Underwood on them was very entertaining.

20. Found Out Someone Was Talking About You? everyone talks about me, i guess hanging out a lot with your female best friend automatically makes you a lesbian...
Actually, people talk about me for other things. Back then I was known as "the dancing whale", "the Antichrist" and I had a ton of mean nicknames. They have gradually lessened as I stopped talking to people.
I know for sure that they take the piss out of my obsession with kiddy stuff, my accent and my... erm... laziness when it comes to shaving my legs, but who gives
Right now, I wouldn't doubt that people talk about me but really, everybody talks and the world isn't going to end so I just try not to think about it

21. Kissed anyone on your friends list? NEVER BEEN KISSED!!!
yes, I havent. Plus, everyone in my list is a stranger to me.
No, but we can change that ;) joking no, pls, don't take it personally, I'm just not mentally prepared to travel a thousand miles to kiss a stranger
All of them... Okay, no, no one... yet wink

22. How Many people on your friends list do you know in real life? NADIE!!(no one)
Yes, no one. Even though I'd like to meet you all I'm afraid it's kind of impossible.
Goals: to meet all of you

23. Do you have any pets? no, i'm too lazy
That ones still true.
Not allowed to, but as soon as I move out, I'm getting a cat
No :,( sososad

24. What did you do for your last birthday? I went to the movie theatre with my best friend
Well I had another birthday after this repost and what I did was go to school.
My mum's best friend payed for a stay at a hotel for me (she's so lovely!) but my mum made me take people, so I invited a friend and another girl from school that I barely know
Throw a totally-parent approved party with a few of the "good" kids from school, because my mum insisted.

25. What time did you wake up today? 3 am... thanks to my crazy father XD(he was making dog noises at that hour!!)
Hah yes I still remember that day. He was barking at my uncle's chickens, in an attempt to make them quiet. Oh dad, if you were still like that... Well today it was 8 AM because my sister was looking around my clothes(mind, we have 5 1/2 years of difference and we wear the same clothes size) and I heard her so...
7 AM, do not underestimate the power of an elderly woman with a compulsion to shop
Around 9-ish? Nothing really amusing this time, sorry folks

26. What were you doing at midnight last night? watching tv like a zombie XD
Watching "yal" videos with my sister's friend, don't question it, just embrace it
Netflix and chill (and by chill I mean ice cream)

27. Name something you CANNOT wait for? TO SEE MY LITTLE COUSIN!!!
To move out. Literally, you can't keep secrets in this house. As soon as I was told my IQ (keep in mind, it's higher than 130), the whole town knew about it. It was awful.
Summer at Chicago :D
Financial aid and scholarships. Acceptances from Ivies. Prom. Prom date :))

28. Last time you saw your father? hour ago...
Three weeks ago.
Two months ago
Like two hours ago. Ew

29. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? nothing really, my life is pretty close to perfect for me
LIE. Back then I wanted to die. Right now, that is true for me. Maybe a little more privacy would be good...
Not to be such an apathic, lazy failure and actually get things done. Oh, and maybe be scouted for modeling, yes, that would be perfect
I'd take advantage of my secondary school years, instead of being so down 24/7

30. What are you listening to right now? Get away with murder-jeffree star
My fans obsessing over me (silence)
Meat is Murder by the Smiths, my music taste just improves over time
Do Re Mi by Nirvana

31. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? noo LOL
Not really, it's not a common name here.
Two years later, this is still true
Sorry, no Toms here!

32. What's getting on your nerves right now? those pictures that say "I put on a fake smile blah blah" honestly, if you can actually read those, you don't need to put on a fake smile
My grandma. She took me to a spa this morning but she forgot to mention it was a whole body massage and that multiple people would see me in only underwear. It was horrible.
School. I thought I didn't have to return for the summer, but surprise! Apparently I have to discuss my classes for next year with the dean- even though she approved of them when I showed her my registration papers
My dad and school, but those two things are permanently on my nerves

33. What is your real name? don't say it but I go by Amanda
I don't think this one changes, so I'm still le Cece!
It's ew. Just call me Cece

34. Hairstyle? you know that scene girl hair? yah that but like if you havent cut it in a year(yes, i ONCE was scene even though now i completely hate the style)
hah yes that one was true... And my hair actually looked good back then.. Now I have short hair, but I wear a wig most of the time.
I call it "The Quibblo," because it's slowly leaving- my hair is falling out badly
Baldness, save for a few patches of hair. Bless alopecia

35. Male or Female? Female
I don't think that one would change... Or would it :O
Excuse you, I identify as Genderpotato and my preferred pronouns are tato, tater and tateself

36. Elementary School? not saying... same Oh whatever Just go with it
37. Middle School? " " " "
38. High School? " " " "

39. Hair Color? Black but soon i'll dye it white and red
Black, never really was going to dye it. Not allowed to, and now even less after that old pitch with a b told my grandma that hair dye causes cancer
I don't remember who that was, but I'm dying, hair dye causes cancer? Sure, and annoying little sisters cause aneurysms. Anyways, it's like this copper colour, it used to be black but for some screwed up reason, it just naturally became lighter and thinner
Yeah, whatever's left of it is still copper-ish

40. Long or short hair? long
Short now. Back then it was really long.
Cries, I just recently cut it off almost entirely hoping that it would stop falling off, but joke's on me
nothing hahah:,(

41. Height? 5'6
I'm not sure in feet, but I'm 173 cm which I've heard is like 5'8"
I've grown a centimeter or two
Still the same height as last year :(

42. Do you have a crush on someone? no
Oh, wow, totally, on the guy from question 18 :3
The person who changed me?! Well gosh, I'd like to know who this guy is now! (this is at 17, just imagine me at 71!) and yeah, no shame in admitting this now but I have a crush on this guy who's a nerd but also a freaking cutie

43. What do you like about yourself ? I'm funny and smart
Haha yes, you have to love my arrogance. xD
Probably my cheekbones because damn
Eyes and freckles, maybe?

44. Piercings? 4 on my ears
Actually, 3.
Same, eugh
Four now. Apparently, drunk-me thought it'd be nice to pierce her own ears

45. Tattoos? Nope
No, ow
Can't even decide whether to get out of bed or not, I'm not in for that kind of commitment

46. Righty or Lefty? both. yes, im special
So cool, much wow
Ermahgerd, ambidexterous creep

* Firsts:*
47. Surgery? I was like 9... ON CHARISTMAS EVE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!
Not a lie. I fell down doing a flip and my left hand ended up pretty nasty :/
Eugh, such a traumatising experience. Funny story, this year I went to the same school as the daughter of the doctor who performed the surgery- spoiler alert: she's arrogant af
Update: 8 years later, my wrist is still effed up

48. Piercing? 4 on my ears !!
I had my 3 piercings at once. The lady messed up on one so she was like "Well, never mind I'll just do another one in the right place." what a great service."
Oh yes, that was lovely
Then a few weeks back, I was so drunk I just grabbed a needle and did it. What the serious heck,me.

49. Tattoo? None...
Still the same
Oi no

50. Best Friend(s)? Mockingjaygirl99(quibblo) and Bianca(real life but I think she got a quibblo...idk)
Still the same for mockingjaygirl99, and I only have One friend in real life whom I barely see. That's Lexie for you, she was born on the same day as me
Again, not "friends" but acquaintances, and I'm caught between this girl named Marina who's younger than me by two years but we laugh at the same things and hate the same people; and the other one is question 18 guy's twin brother, because he's such a little cutie
HOLY- I used to like the same nerd last year too? (only male twins at school btw) and I have a few-Lilo, Nino, Big G, to name a few

51. Sport you joined? Soccer, volleyball, basketball...none of those i liked...
thats true.
I count ballet as a sport, and I love it
Cheerleading. We trained every day for two hours. I dare you to say it's not a sport. Say it.

52. Pet? none
The crying intensifies

53. Vacation you remembered? DISNEY WITH BIANCA!!!
Actually, Disney with Lexie. I remember it because we were both 11, over five feet tall and we still entered all the kiddy rides and enjoyed them as much as those babies did.
Damn you, Lexie, I miss you!
Summer at uni (UChicago). I went to my very first gay pride parade, on the same day gay marriage was legalised :) also tried Chipotle for the first time, and that's one of the reasons why I want to move to the states

54. Concert? Pitbull. It was epic
Yeah I've never been to a concert.
If you count school concerts, then this mediocre French/Italian concert they held on March. It was hilariously awful and we all enjoyed it

55. Crush? Myself!!!!!!!!XD
Of course, I'm beautimous.
Other than myself, the guy from question 18
Same ^

56. Alcoholic Drink? noope dont drink!
thank God again, I don't,
Let's be honest, I was super tempted to drink at the only party I've attended in the past two years, but then resisted it because I googled how many calories a can of beer contains
Jello shot

Right Now:
57. Eating? Nothing
Ice cubes

58. Drinking? Nothing
Diet coke

59. I'm about to... check my messages XD
Clean my room.
Probably watch a series or something

60. Listening to? A lunatic's lament-Alesana
Still hearing my fans.
Do Re Mi by Nirvana

61. Waiting for... FOOD
Nothing really. Maybe for a miracle to happen and to become a famous actress.
SOMEONE TO SCOUT ME! Seriously, I have tremendous model potential, I can even pose as Godzilla or Chewbacca with slightly less hair
^that and college acceptances

Your Future:
62. Want kids? Adopting. Definitely not the other way...
Yes young me, wise decision. Future you is quite proud too.
I don't wish to dessecrate my.. erm

63. Want to get married? Nope, I'd rather share my sucess with my kids and friends
Oh who am I kidding, who would even marry this?
I don't know, really
I can't comit

64. Careers in mind? MAKE UP ARTIST!! and writer...
Actress, currently. People tell me I sound like a character from a movie.
Oh, so cute, but as I'm nearing university, I'm being pushed into engineering, but heaven knows I wish I could be a model like pls I'm desperate, I'll even buy you Nutella
Biomedical engineer, hopefully :)

Which Is Better with the opposite/same gender?

65. Lips or Eyes?eyes
Yes. Especially blue or green eyes.
DEM EYES, but really, light-coloured eyes are just gr8

66. Hugs or Kisses? Not a fan of either but hugs....
Ew yes, I hate being close to people.
I feel like kissing would be awkward, and I kind of hurt people when I hug them because my bones protrude so much D:
No experience with kisses, so I can't say

67. Shorter or Taller? Don't care
Sue me, but I'm into shorter guys. I know, weird right?
I like extremes. Really tall guys are hot, but I feel like a queen next to shorter ones. Question 18 guy towers over me, though

68. Older or Younger? Don't care as long as it's not like 20 years of difference 0.o
Older, otherwise I'd feel like I'm babysitting.
Daddy ;) OMFG NO JOKING I SUDDENLY FEEL THE URGE TO PUKE, by the way, no hate to any ddlg community members out there, I'm just personally not very fond of the whole idea. Question 18 guy is older than me, but not by much
Sue me, I'm so into older guys

69. Romantic or Spontanious? Whatever...
This is question 69
WILLIAAAMMM (can you tell I'm listening to The Smiths?) oh and I'd rather spontaneous, thank you very much, I am a romance killer, I'm too awkward for romance
Spontaneous* thank you v much

70. Nice stomach or Nice arms? yeah i like stomachs that digest stuff fast :) jk none actually idc...
I don't care.
They're like frosting on a cake: not necessary, but if they're there, I don't mind ;) question 18 guy, lmfao, bless his soul, he's got none

71. Tattoos or Piercings? both
Bleh don't care.
Question 70's reply applies

72. Sensitive or Loud? Dont care but i'd rather sensitive
Ew loud people. Wait, let me rephrase that: Ew, people
Wow, I was such a cute young misanthrope
Hate both, actually

74. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? Trouble maker, other way he can't deal with ze grand master of pranks!!!
Definitely trouble maker.
Jesuis (much french, such baguette) I really don't know
Troublemakers are more fun

Have You Ever (2):

75. Kissed a stranger? I KILL YOU!! I SAID I HAVENT KISSED ANYONE!!
Thats not... Normal
Totally, wow (actually no)

76. Drank hard liquor? Sip of vodka?no no :)
Oh ya all da tiembby xD kidding, no
Oh my, such a lovely response in 2013, same
Every other week now lol

77. Lost glasses/contacts? No
Well I lose my glasses in my locker all the time... Does that count?
At home and school, very often, but I always find them
Nah fam

79. Broken someone's heart? Yeah... lots actually... but it's not my fault people love my personality...
Psh I don't think anyone would actually like me.
As far as I'm aware, I'm an annoying slob, so I'm going with no
No, hopefully!

80. Had your heart broken? ...
Na. The only crush I had wasn't even serious.
I don't think so
Not that I think

81. Been arrested? No

82. Turned someone down? WHu?
For that, I'd need someone to ask me out
Same^ I'm a strong -2/10

83. Cried when someone died? Yes... WHEN BELLATRIX DIED IN HARRY POTTTER!! JK HAHA
No one close to me has died, thank God.
Again, later in 2013 I bawled my eyes out when 4 people died in almost the same months. Now I'm somewhat unnafected by death
In the past. Now? I'm kinda numb to it

84. Liked a friend that is the same gender? Nooooo
Not really
I tend to get "squishes" or short-lived, nonserious crushes on most girls I meet
I'm lowkey super gay for my friend Sara

Do You Believe In:

85. Yourself? Yes
I don't know.
Cripe, Kevin, how many times do I need to tell you I'm a unicorn, stop making me question my identity
No,fsff, unicorn here

86. Miracles? Course
*I haven't killed anyone yet. Of course I believe in them. *
So proud of that reply up there :,) same
Duh, I mean, I made it into UChicago

87. Love at first sight? No, you need to know the person to fall in love with them
Still same opinion.
Yes, please, don't be such a little asscravat, you don't fall in love with strangers
Asscravats. Asscravats everywhere.

88. Heaven? Definitely

89. Santa Claus? who said that fat man isnt real??!!
He's my buddy
Only if he pays for my college tuition :))

90. Kissing on the first date? NOPE VERY WRONG!!
Still the same.
Do wat u want
Who cares? Lol, your body, your choice (but accept the consequences of your actions later)

91. Angels? YES!!!
Engelss... Nein
Clarification: Only in Castiel
Someone once bought me pizza, coffee and chocolate. They are an angel, bless their face

92. Ssex before marriage? #90 APPLIES TOO!!!
Why do people even like that, it's just ew
Unless you're underaged, do what u want, but please don't flaunt it, I don't want to hear about how "big" your boyfriend is, I still need my sleep
As long as you can handle the consequences and don't go around flaunting it, I don't care

93. Life on other planets? Yea
We can't be alone in this immense universe
Totally wow
Sure? I mean, like bacteria and other single-celled organisms, maybe even simple multicellular ones

94. Life after death? Yep
Well I do believe in heaven so idk, maybe, YES.
No, man, it's called the end for a reason
Nope, enjoy whatever little time you get here

95. Only being with one person forever?Nah, your mentality changes...
Well you can, but you'll eventually be with them only because of attachment.
Personally? I get tired of people quickly (sadly) but if you can do it, then kudos

Answer Truthfully:

96. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes, my mom...
Yeah, back then I had just spent 2 months without my mommy. Don't judge haha... Well right now I guess my cousin and Lexie. The only two people who can unbore me.
Seeing Lexie again would be cool, boarding school sucks. Also Nat from Quibblo, she's always lovely so I want to meet her! Maybe Karlie Kloss or Cara Delevingne or possibly Morissey or Kurt... but realistically- how unexpected- question 18 guy
My friend Luis. Pretty aight guy, he's like me but with a terrible taste in music. Bless his soul

97. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfrend at one time? No,never dated
Currently, still the same
Are you challenging me?
Totally, there was the one time I dated No-One and Nobody simultaneously

98. Do you believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? eh ok...
Yes, it is.
No man, with both Hozier and Andy Biersack alive at the moment, anyone attracted to men can get very confused
Sure? I personally lack that kind of self control but again, kudos if you can do it

99. What's the one thing you cannot live without? MY IPAD!!!
Wow, "air." Now that's what I call edgy 2013.
Also, financial aid. FINANCIAL AID.

100. What's one secret you have that not many people know? Everything about me actually...
i guess the whole town knows everything about me,thanks to my grandma. Well random fact: When I'm left to pay alone in the mall or at fast foods,I fake random accents, you know, for practice.
Well, that I want to be a model, because anyone would laugh at me and say I'm not tall enough or pretty enough
I'm very low-key conservative (I know, sounds contradicting considering I'm a POC and not an asscravat about my beliefs?)

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