Sherlyn's Conversation with Sam , Dean , Gabriel and Castiel

Sherlyn's Conversation with Sam , Dean , Gabriel and Castiel

This part I thought of it , PLEASE read it! It would make me smile. <3 :)

Chapter 1

The Conversation

Sam: Hey! Why are you copying my puppy eyes? pout.

Me: puppy eyes.

Sam: Dang it! Fine!

Me: hugs Sam Thank you!

Gabe: Hey! That's my Sammy!

Me: puppy eyes. pout to Gabriel

Gabe: Er. I never thought puppy eyes would actually work with me. You're just adorably irresistible, Sherlyn. pats my head

Dean: Okay? Um, it's MY birthday and Sam talks first?

Sam: Just let her Dean. She made this story just for you.

Dean: Fine! Hmpf. Where's Cas anyway?

Cas: appears right in front of Dean. personal space a little wide. holding a cake Hello Dean.

Dean: Jesus! Cas! Can't you just walk through a door or something?

Cas: head tilt. brows furrowed. confused

Dean: Never mind. Is that cake for me? smiles shyly. bites lower lip

Cas: Yes. Make a wish.

Dean: closes eyes. mumbles silently. blows candle

Cas: What was your wish?

Dean: smiles shyly and slyly. moves closer to Cas. whispers something

Cas: eyes widens. face turning red I think we must leave. zaps both Dean and him to... somewhere only they know. cake left behind

Me: Um, what was that about? What happened to Cas? Why was he red?

Sam and Gabe: are you serious blaming face (yes. Gabe does the blaming face. Blame Sam)

Sam: Never mind. You're still young.

Me: I'm eighteen! scowl. pout

Gabe: You'll know when you're older. Eats cake. Gives me and Sam a piece

Me: Still pouting


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