WHY I HATE things


Chapter 1

chapter one twilight- edward cullen

He just like is wont die.
He sparkles need I say more.
He could have any girl in the would and he chose's that boring plain yogurt oh sorry I mean bella.
He dates someone who is like 90 years younger HE COULD BE HER GRANDPA
Ok is it just me or is a little weird he notices Jake a little 2 much.
Straight men don’t sparkle
One word Edward. Tan!
His name EDWARD say it a lot it doesn’t even sound like a word
He has the same last name of the author of hunger games there forth I can not make fun of it.
He lets he kid be named by that brain dead slut
He dose not burn in the sun only real vampires burn in the sun.
He is a STALKER!!! He follows Bella and Jessica in the first book into some city cant remember the name
He leaves for almost the entire book New Moon to “Protect Bella” When he knows there is a angry Red head after The bowl of Yogurt.
If he hates Were Wolfs so much and thinks they will hurt the yogurt why he leave her with a hole pack!
Ok he lets he little girl get with a kid like 18 years older just rong
He KILLED PEOPLE and yogurt just is like, “la la la la it ok weeee I think you nice looking I don’t mind if you kill people as long as you love me”
He put the yogurt BEFOR HIS FAMILY. Then he hates his baby oh and you know why else REAL MEN DON’T SPARKEL
He breaks so many laws it hurts just for that shake of yogurt.
He made every girl in my schools I.Q drop about 10 point with his “Sexy stare”He wants to eat the Yogurt and kill her I mean if my b.f wanted to kill me….. Also REAL MEN DO NOT SPARKEL!!!!!

I am not really THIS crazy just board I am going to do Jake, Prim, Bella and others THANKS! :?) < That is Mr. big nose I going to wright one about y i hate the books


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