Chapter 1

Eventful morning.

"Darren, wake up!" I whispered into my boyfriend's ear, as I gently shook him awake. "Huh? Wha? Kristie, why'd you wake me up so early?" He said as he was giving a strange glance. "I need help," I said, "come with me." So I carefully walked him into the livingroom, where it was still dark. I didn't want to wake his parents. "What's going on?" Darren whispered. And then I pointed to his couch. "You're brother. What do we do? How do we tell your parents?" I whispered nervously. Darren was shaking his head as he was looking at the blood-stained couch, where his dead brother was laying. "Suicide. Should of seen this coming...but how did he do it so quietly?" I was wondering the same thing..."He must of done it after everyone fell asleep. You remember how last night he was not being himself? I'm so sorry. He was such an amazing guy! I don't know what I'd do if I lost my older brother...." I said as Darren started crying softly and whispering "Chris, why? Why'd you have to go now? You're only 20 years old! Now how am I supposed to tell Mom and Dad?" As soon as he said that, his father walked into the room. "Morning, guys. Why are you up so early?" Then I hugged Darren tightly as he explained. "Dad..I...Chris is gone.." and then pointed to his brother lying there behind him. "What? My son! How? Why? No!" he yelled, waking up his wife. "John? What happened?" She said with a look of fright. "Our baby boy is dead." I watched my boyfriend's mom's face drop. "Mom, Kristie found him like this earlier." Then Darren's mom looked at me. "Mrs. Dilson, I am so sorry for you." and then I burst into tears. "I would've never seen him if I hadn't gotten up early." Then Darren's dad looked at me greatfully. "Kristie, it was a good thing you slept over. You truly are amazing." "How?" I said. "I...I...I don't...I just can't think." and then I buried my face into Darren's chest. Darren pulled me away, looked into my eyes with tears gently falling down his face, shaking his head. He was about to ask me something when his father said "I guess I'll have to call 9-1-1. I'll deal with this. Joanne, Darren, Kristie, maybe you guys should go outside for a little walk. "No way am I leaving my baby!" Joanne said, "I'm staying here with you and him. Darren and Kristie should probably take the walk." So I glanced at Darren, gesturing him to come outside with me. He was walking towards me but couldn't take his eyes off his brother until I reached for his arm and startled him. "Sorry." I said. "Oh, no worries," he said with a fake smile. "Uh, let's go for that walk." When we got outside, he started saying something to me. "Kristie, I love you. I was planning on doing this, this morning, you know, 'cause I thought Chris would still be here, but I think we need some cheering up now. And I know Chris is watching. He's the one who told me to do this." And he slowly took a little box out of his back pocket and slowly dropped to one knee. "Oh my god." I whispered. "Kristie Marie Sanders, I know we're only 18, but I honestly cannot picture my life without you. Please marry me?" "Oh my god," I said louder this time. "Darren Jacob Dilson, I..." and then I kissed him. "I take that as a yes?" he said. "Definitely a yes," I said crying, "and I'm glad you asked me now, too." Why?" he said. "Because if you asked me any later, it might have been more difficult." I said, grinning. "How?" Darren said. "I'm pregnant." I whispered as his parents walked outside towards us. Darren and I couldn't stop grinning at our special news, when his mom questioned us. "What are you kids smiling about?" And Darren replied, "well, mom, I'm getting married to Kristie. It was Chris's idea to propose to her. And it turns out I'm also going to be a father." His mom was smiling really hard. "I can't believe this. My son's gonna be a daddy!" and started running around the yard, until her husband caught up to her and calmed her down. "Well," I said as Darren hugged me, "what an eventful morning!" "You got that right." He said as we kissed.


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