The Time Keepers (An original story)

Hey guys! I had an idea for this story a while back and I decided to put it up. Please tell me what you think about it. I am going to be asking 2 comments for a new chapter, just so that I know people are still interested. Thanks for reading!

Character Info:
Name: Amanda Slade
Age: 15
Hair: Curly brown
Eyes: Green

Chapter 1

First Encounter

I turned the corner, peering into every window as I did so. I did not like what I was seeing. My heart began to race faster as I took it all in. This should never have been possible. Only in storybooks was this supposed to happen. Yet, at exactly 5:29 p.m., it had.

I was indescribably, and thoroughly frightened. No. Frightened is the feeling you get when your office chair tips back unexpectedly. The feeling when someone jumps out and says BOO!. This was much more terrifying. I had no idea what I had just done, and it petrified me beyond belief.

The worst part was I had no idea how I had done it. I recalled that usually, when someone undoes something, they know how it was done I think that is what scared me the most. For now.

At this point, I had looked through most of the houses within a 100 foot radius of my house. That was a lot of houses. Yet, in each and every house I had looked into I saw the same thing. People in mid-motion. Half way through things. People with dishtowels in their hands and lemonade in mid-pour. It seemed like everything was frozen in time. Everything, but me that is. By what, I had no idea.

I had seen the same thing in every house. I started into a run. I didnt know where to, I just knew I was going fast. At one corner I turned, I almost ran straight into a trash can. At another, a girl. but this girl was different than the others I had seen today. That difference was that she wasnt frozen.

She looked about as stunned as I felt. I began to take in her appearance. She was very pretty. She had orangish/red hair, chocolate brown eyes, and looked around 16, though she was petiete. We were silent for a full minute before she could even open her mouth. After she opened it, she closed it again as though she couldnt speak yet. She promptly opened it again. Those four words she said were the four most surprising words I had ever heard.

"Your one of us". She had said the words barely over a whisper. It took me a while to understand what she had said, but when I did they both shocked and scared me more than anything.

Hey guys! sorry its so short! Thanks for reading! Please comment if you want more. 2 comments for chapter 2 please!


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