My Unique Antique (Love Story)

The small town of Rayburn Grove, Maine. A quiet town with absolutely nothing to offer anyone. Every one is quiet and mysterious, all except the new guy Favian Kendell.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

What they both look like, and her car-->

Ordinary kid, ordinary life, right? Wrong, normal guy. I use to have a normal life but that got turned upside down when my mom and dad moved me to 'Rayburn Grove'. I lived a great life of the west coast, but they wanted to live somewhere colder. We were living in this large three story house that was only for the three of us, I wasn't to sure why we needed something so big. Everything in this town seemed so old fashioned you could hear the children throwing snowballs and squealing. A large fireplace and a huge kitchen, my room wasn't grande but it was nice. I sat on the floor of the living room hearing my parents bicker about things, this was a natural occurrence in this house. Leaning on the floor I sigh saying "I'm going to go out!"
"Be back before dark!"
"Okay." I pulled on my coat and walked out the door.

I walked down the snowy streets of the small town, I was use to L.A. so this was way to small. Small shops lined the main street, I looked at each as I passed. I peered into an antique shop and saw a girl behind the counter, she looked around my age. I decided to investigate, I walked inside and pretended to look around and waited until she was done helping the lady at the counter. As soon as the woman hobbled out the door I heard her ask "You need help?"
"Yeah, I need some directions to your house." She looked at me and said "I do not think so, you seem new here."
"Yeah, just moved from the West Coast."
"Hm." She said without much interest.

Smiling I said "So you a local?"
"Really, what school do you go to?"
"The only one in town." Her slender fingers moved her fringe away from her beautiful brown eyes. The rings in her lips gave her a look of rebellion, I smiled "Yeah, I knew that." I tried to say coolly, but something about this girl made me uneasy. "So what did you say your name was?"
"I didn't, and it's Brycin." I smiled and said "Cool name I'm Favian." She nodded and said "Well I have work to do."
"Your parents own this?"
"No." I shrugged and said "Okay, well bye then Brycin. I guess I'll see you at school." She moved her fingers signaling goodbye as I walked out the door.

"Favian! Get up! You start school today!" I groaned and covered my head again. "Five more minutes!"
"That's what you kept on saying last night while you were playing on that X-Box!" My mom yelled from the second floor. I sigh and thew my pillow off my head and got out of bed. I looked in the mirror of the dresser and saw how messy my hair was, sighing and pulled a brush through my hair. I looked through my dresser and found a pair of black skinny jeans, and a thin long sleeved black shirt. I got dressed, my door opened and my mom said "You know if you keep on using that straighter your hair will burn right?" Meet my parents, my mom's name is Meridith Kendell. She a small woman with long black hair, and dark eyes. My dad's name is Caspar Kendell, he's got dark brown hair (like mine), and light brown eyes that simmer when he's happy, which is most of the time. But see my parents bicker a lot, they have a happy marriage but sometimes it's rough. Sighing I turned off the straightener and walked out of my room to pull on some combat boots. Leaning on the door I said "I'm ready, are you?"
"Hold on, I'm curling my hair!"
"You know if you keep on using that hair curler your hair will burn!" My mom laughed and said "Oh ha ha!" I smiled.

I sat in the car looking out the window, snow fell in small flurries. The steam from my breath fogged up the window, even though the heater was on it was still cold to me. I traced the word Cali in the fog, I though about my surf board and how I'd never get to use it again, or not feel the sand beneath my feet anymore at the beach. The fact I'd have to go inside to get ice cream because there weren't any small stands on the sides of the streets. A hand landed on my shoulder and my mom woke me from my thoughts "Fav, were here." I nodded and said "Right, sorry mom. Okay, love you. Bye!" I jumped out of the car and sprinted inside the school. I saw a few stares and I wondered why they were all looking at me that way, I moved some of my hair out of my eyes and walked to the office, looking around I said "Hi I'm Favian Kendell, I just started today." The ageless woman at the desk said "Oh yes, I'll tell Mr. Goodright." I nodded. The door to the Principal's office opened and a man about late 30's early 40's exited the room behind. Every one in this town seemed to be far to young for their own good. "You must be Mr. Kendell. I've heard you have a very good record." I stared at him and said "Erm, yeah. So, my schedule?" He handed me a sheet of paper and said "There is also a small map there."

I wandered down the halls of the small school piecing together what it looked like, I leaned on my new locker and said "So small." A guy's voice said "Your new."
"So I've been told." I said sarcastically. I turned to look over at the guy, he was quite tall and lanky, his pale blond hair was spiked up, his dark brown eyes were slightly hidden behind his boxy glasses. "I'm Aaron." He said. I smiled and said "I'm Favian, most just call me Fav though." He nodded. I smiled and said "Well, your my first new friend I guess." He smiled slightly and said "Cool, I suppose." I smiled. A new friend, and I though this would be hard. "There are weird things about this town huh?" Aaron started to laugh and he said "You have no idea." I tried to think of what that meant but I just let it fall from my shoulders.

"Looking for someone?" Aaron asked as my eyes scanned the cafeteria. "Uh, kinda." A few figures walked past and I saw they were all girls. "Don't stare to long." Aaron said in a quiet voice. I saw the girl named Brycin, she was laughing and talking to a girl with light auburn hair and big blue eyes. "Why?" I asked looking at him. "They are so out of your league."
"I dunno dude, I've gotten some pretty hot chicks before."
"Alright, they outclass you."
"Who outclass' who?" The girl with auburn hair asked sitting next to me. "Uh, oh errm no one!" He said rubbing the back of his head. "Okkay." Brycin said as she sat really close to Aaron. "Who are you!?" The blue eyed girl asked in a childish voice. "I'm Favian Kendell."
"Cool name!" She said exuberantly. "I'm Katie!" I jumped back and then said "Well, hi Katie." She grinned and began to chat I looked over at Brycin who's eyes seemed to be boring into my own. I quickly looked away, for such a small school there was a lot of noise.

I stared at a tall guy slightly muscular guy who was talking at the head of a lunch table, his lettermen jacket covered his arms. He looked over at me, a small frown painted his lips. Aaron followed my gaze and said "Don't make enemy's with Martin."
"That guy." Katie said. I looked at where she was pointing, 'Martin' was making his way to me. He was even taller up close, I myself was almost 6' 1" he towered at about 6' 9". I looked at him and gave a feeble 'hi', his voice came out calm and deep. "Brycin, who is this guy?"
"Hm, oh. Martin, this is Mr. Favian Kendell." He looked at me for a moment then said "Alright. It's a pleasure to meet you." He carefully ran a hand through his spiky black hair and moved his hazel eyes away.


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