Another World~A One Direction Love Story

What if One Direction were from another planet? That would make them aliens and of course One Direction has to keep their secret and act like regular people who also wants to be in the music buisness!

Chapter 1

Character Infos and Leah's Pov

My Character

Name: Leah Prescott
Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, short for her age
Age: 17
Crush: Niall Horan
Job: Works at a diner
Other: has a step-mother who mean and her real parents died
Personality: sweet, kind, friendly, shy, random, quiet, outgoing
Lives: Use to live in Ireland now lives in London
Friends: Jacklin, Virginia, Lilac

The_Nialler_Inside's Character

Name: Jacklin
Nickname: Jackie
Looks: medium length wavy light brown hair, blue eyes, short 5'0
Personality: shy and quiet, kind and smart
Crush: Liam
Bio: Has an older brother and a younger brother and lost older sister in a car crash. is going to school
Friends: Leah, Lilac, Virginia


georgeharrison1017's character

Name: Virginia
Family: Parents are divorced,from Dublin
Lives: London
Job: guitarist for a local vocal group


I was putting my skates on for my job. I work at a rollerskating diner, its really fun actually. You just have to be careful not to fall and you are good to go. I went over to a table and said "Hello I'm Leah I'll be your waitress for today, what would you like to have for drink?" A lady said "I'll have the ice tea". I wrote it down on my notepad. A man next to her said "I'll have water". I wrote that down on my notepad. A little girl said "Can I please have the vanilla milkshake?" I smiled and said "Of course you can sweetie". I wrote it down on my notepad and walked to the counter. I grabbed three cups and put ice tea, water, and vanilla milkshake in them. I put them on a tray and I put a cherry in the milkshake. I brought to the table and set the tray down. I gave them their drinks and gave them straws. I said "Do you guys know what you are ordering?" The man and the lady said "We would love to have the sushi". I wrote it down on my notepad when the little girl said "I want the grilled cheese please". I wrote it down and said "I'll be back with your food in a few minutes". I went to the table where the orders were and put my paper down. A few minutes later I heard Jackie and Lilac yell "There our best friend Leah!" I rolled my eyes playfully and said "I hate it when you guys do that!" Lilac and Jackie sat down and Jackie said "We know that why we do it". I said "What are you guys even doing here?" Lilac said "I'm off work today". Jackie smiled and said "Yeah and I love coming seeing you". I said "Jeez thanks". I grabbed the food and I said "Brb". I put the food on the table I was serving and the customers started eating. Lilac said "When are you even done work?" I said "After the customer, I'm serving I'll be done". Jackie said "Yes thank god, we got something planned for all of us". I said "Hope there no more explosion like last time!" Jackie and Lilac just stayed in their seats while I was still working and also waiting for me to get done!

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