Nothing Gold Can Stay-An Outsiders Love Story

Chapter 1

Character Infos and Emma's Pov

My Character

Name: Emma Green
Age: 15
Appearance: brown hair with blue eyes, short for her age
Personality: sweet, quiet, outgoing, shy
Boyfriend: Has a crush on Johnny and Ponyboy
Greaser or Soc: Greaser all the way
Family: parents abuse her, the gang is her family
Other: Lived in Tulsa since she was a baby
Friends: The whole gang
Enemies: All Socs including Cherry and Marcia, Sandy

volleyballgirl527's character

Name: Violet White
Age: 16
Appearance: light brown hair or dark blonde hair depending on the light, green eyes, average height, slender, lighter skin(hates make up and tight clothing)
Personality: funny, sweet, stubborn, sarcastic, smart, understanding
Boyfriend: crushing on Sodapop hard
Greaser or Soc: Greaser
Family: parents died in a plane crash.. her real family was the gang and the Curtis family until their parents died
Other: born in Boston.. moved to Tulsa when she was basically lived her whole life there
Friends: Emma and the whole gang
Enemies: Rude/mean socs, Sandy


I was walking to the Curtis's house when I saw Cherry and Marcia walking up to me. I rolled my eyes and said "What do you want?" Marcia said "We just want to make small talk with you". I said "Sorry I don't talk to people who are white trash!" I kept walking when they started to follow me. I said "Stalkish much". They didn't say anything so I was about to open the gate to the Curtis's house when Cherry slapped me. I yelled so loud "LOOKS LIKE SOME WHITE TRASH WANT TO START A FIGHT!" I attacked Cherry when Marcia started to punch me. Just than a car with five socs came where I was and I screamed so loud hopping people would hear me and help me.

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