Well I'm back for good

Chapter 1

Hi again

OK, I've done this twice already haha. Sorry about that.

So if you remember who I am, I used to go on quibblo a lot. I had said I was 'back' two times before after being gone a while. This time, I really am, though it might to hard to believe by now. I apologize for that. They do say third times the charms. ;)

I needed some time to do some soul searching. I found out a lot of things my time away from quibblo and it's high time I come back. I should um, tell you guys something.

Well this is a bit... weird. If you don't want to continue reading and listening to me rant about this, that's totally fine. Probably a waste of time to read anyhow.

You may have already noticed this from my profile or the last story I wrote. I have lately figure out I am indeed transgender. The definition of that for those of you who may not know is- Identified with a gender other than the biological one.

I was in this whole like depressed stage as I was figuring it out and all this anxiety stuff. It's over now though. That's why I didn't come on so much. For a while it was like with the suicidal thoughts because I was convinced I was some sort of freak. That was stupid I realize now.

I am going to a therapist that deals with transgendered people. She is a big help. I want to eventually start the process of 'transitioning' from female to male when I'm 18. And I am going to go by male now, at least on here.

I don't know how we guys will feel about this. It's okay if you think it's weird. That's a very normal reaction and you by all means don't have to accept it. I just figured you might wonder what's up because my profile used to say female haha. Sorry for ranting and being so awkward about this. I was not sure how to go about telling this.

Thanks for reading this rant haha. That means a lot. Hope you've all been well.


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