When I Saw Your Face, I Fell In Love. (Liam Payne Love Story)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

As soon as I got home, I got a text from Nick.
Nick: Hey Stelle
Me: Hey Nick, vas happenin?
Nick: Can Vic, Cars, and Mia come to lunch with us? Cause we were thinkin of hittin up the mall.
Me: Course!
Nick: Great. We'll be by your house in a few!
Me: K!

Later, a blue van pulled up the driveway and Vic ran up the stairs to the huge house and rung the doorbell, then I ran straight to the door and answered.

"Vicky!" I screamed, using my nickname for her.

She had shoulder length layered black hair, black eyes, glasses, and very pale skin. Then Nick had long brown curly hair and dark brown eyes, Carson had short red hair and green eyes, then Mia had light brown mid-length hair and grey eyes.

"CHWWWIIISSSTTYYYY! ARE YOU READY TO GO?!" Victoria screamed in my ear.
"Hmm.. I think I need to take a stop to the hospital first in case I got deaf." I told her as I messed with my ear.
She started laughing.
"Hey! It's my job to yell! " Carson said and smacked Victoria's arm.
"OWWWW!!!" Victoria complained, and rubbed her arm. "That hurt."
"Good." Carson smirked.
"Behave girls, or I may not bring a surprise." I smirked and Nick gasped.
"What is it? Is it a boy?!" She asked flirtatiously
"Maybe."I smirked and I texted the boys.
Christy: hey guys wanna go to the mall with us girls? :) ;) :D ;D XD
Harry: are they cute? ;)
Christy: maybe ;)
Harry: lili punched me.):
Christy: lol why?
Liam: cause he shouldn't ask stuff like that.
Niall: classic daddy.
Christy: you coming?
Liam: yes and where might your house be babe? :) Xx
Christy: !906 Meadow Drive :)
Liam: be there in a bit can't wait to see you. ;). Xx
I grinned when Liam called me "babe"
"The surprise will be over in a bit guys." I said and Nick screamed.

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