When I Saw Your Face, I Fell In Love. (Liam Payne Love Story)

Chapter 1


Name: Christelle Connors
Looks: Dirty blonde long hair, dark blue eyes, bangs to her left.
Personality:Fun, fun-loving, shy to new people, sensetive, and smart.
Crush/BF: Liam Payne
Bio: One older brother named Dan, Younger brother named Sanders, an older sister named Shay who's 29
Other: loves cats, anything Disney related, color purple, and her brothers

"Christy, hurry up! You gotta drive me to school!" San knocked on my door. I groaned.
"Can't Dan drive you?!" I yelled back.
"He already went to work!" San replied.
"Take a bus!"
"I don't want to sit with weird people!"
"Ride your bike!"
"Flat tire!'
"Too far!"
I groaned, knowing that San would never give up.
"FINE!" I yelled. I could sense that San was grinning victoriously, as he always does when he wins. AKA when someone's had enough of his complaining.
So I got out of bed and brushed my hair and made myself descent as I slipped on some vans and got my keys.
"Come on, San!" I yelled as I waited for him to go through the door and I locked it behind him and got into my car.
"It's so clean." San said as he went into my car.
"Of course, I'm a clean person. Unlike you." I retorted as I started the car.
"I'm a sorta clean person! And Dan's car is worse." San said.
"Of course, he's 24." I said like it couldn't be more obvious.
San shrugged in agreement and I drove him to his school and he got out.
"Thanks, Christy." He smirked and shut the door.
"Have a horrible day, Sophtie!" I yelled out the window.
He pursed his lips then entered the school. I then smirked and drove back to the house. There stood my older sister, Shay. She was with her husband, Shane, and she held something in her arms. I haven't seen her in years.Nor even heard of her. She was probably busy with her own life.
"Hey Christy." Shay smiled at me and I got out of my car and shut the door, locked it, and put the keys in my pocket.
I then cautiously walked to her.
"I'm not gonna hurt you, come here." Shay laughed and I went to her.
"Whatcha got there?" I asked.
"I want you to meet your nephew, Michael." Shay said and showed Michael in her arms and I grinned.
"Can I hold him?" I asked.
"Course." Shay said and handed Michael to me.
"Hi Michael, it's Aunt Christelle." I grinned and Michael grinned back at me and I turned to Shay.
"Why're you here, Shay? I haven't seen you in years." I asked as I gently bounced Michael in my arms.
"I want you to watch him." Shay said and my eyes widened.
"Why?" I asked.
"Shane and I are going on our honeymoon, only for 2 weeks." Shay said and I exhaled.
"Yeah, I guess I can watch him." I smiled at Michael.
"Great, thanks Christy." Shay hugged me and I gently hugged back, then she handed me some of Michael's stuff and waved at me, then left with Shane.

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