Enough of this

Posted at January 12th, 2013.

(I originally had more to post, but I guess I forgot most of it. Sighs heavily Damn, weak memory.......)

Chapter 1

I've had enough

Some of you have left due to the change that occurred to me. So, I've come to the conclusion of doing this and end this once and for all. I've lost my trust in the world. I don't trust any one of you in the slightest. I've also lost my ability to love since November 8th, 2012. So, I love none of you. Also, some of you told me their share of living hell. I can't say that they're lies, yet I can't say they're true unless you give me solid proof. Can't give me proof that they're true? Or that I can trust you? Exactly. That's why I can't say that your stories are true nor can I trust you.

You can call me whatever you want: Bastard, not deserving you, worthless, an asshole, the Devil. I could care less. All I have to say in reply is this: After you've gone through what I've been through my whole life, you'll understand. After you live a life at school since you were a child where you trusted people multiple times, yet they ended up breaking your trust, you'll understand. After you live a life where your entire family prove themselves to be able to lie to you multiple times, signifying that they aren't worth your trust, you'll understand. After you have the love of your life, who you thought would never leave and/or betray you and believed a trillion percent that they were the one while you used to think that you'll never find the one, you'll understand. After you live in a rotten world filled with lies and deception, you'll understand my pain.

Now then, to the main point of this. Those of you who'd like to leave, just comment on this post with "Goodbye". Nothing more, nothing less. Once you do, I promise that I'll never talk to you ever again. I won't waste your time any longer with someone like me. The only way that I'll ever talk to you is if I regain my trust in the world, which has a one in over trillion chance in happening. Those of you who choose to stay, fine, but that doesn't mean I either trust you or think your stories are true. Not that I say your stories are lies. I'll act as if they're true. Just I won't genuinely believe them.

That will be all. Those who stay, fine. Those who leave.......



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