How To Escape Writer's Block

Every author, whether famous or undiscovered, has suffered through the horrible curse we know as writer's block.
I for one certainly despise having to sit silently at my computer, glaring at the screen in frustration as jumbled words and phrases run through my clouded mind though never forming the perfect sentence that could start my latest chapter.
Here's how to get yourself out of writer's block!

Chapter 1

Writer's Block: The Author's Worst Nightmare

by: cryptics
1. Listen to music.

Music is inspirational. Obviously it depends on who you are, but music can often release your imagination and set it free. The type of music you can use to gain some inspiration depends on who you are as a person. While some songs may not work for some authors, others may find them very helpful with realising exactly what their story is about.

I for one listen to instrumentals and various themes when looking for inspiration. I find that several 'Harry Potter' themes truly allow me to delve deep within my story and discover exactly what I am trying to convey in my story.

The music you listen to also depends heavily on the plot of your story. A slower song with incredible meaning would work for a story with lots of depth and some sort of romantic spin, for example. Slow songs can also help one convey sadness in their story.

Songs with lyrics are not necessarily bad for inspiration with writing. By taking apart and analysing the lyrics, you can easily discover a new meaning to your story. Songs are stories, each lyric telling of an important part. Songs with lyrics are incredible when trying to come up with ideas for a new tale as well.

No matter which way you use it, music can always inspire you to write your story.

2. Sleep.

It may sound strange, but sleep really works. I find that when your head hits the pillow, billions of ideas stream through your mind. When this happens, it's good to take a mental note or perhaps write them down quickly.

While sleeping, many ideas come to mind as well. Though they may be hard to recall when you awaken, these ideas tend to be the best.

3. Relaxation.

Sleep also relaxes you, which is perfect. Relaxation is the best way to overcome your block. When you are relaxed, it is much easier to think. You can set your mind free and think up new ideas for stories or chapters. Try anything to get yourself relaxed, from yoga and meditation to sleeping.

4. Other creative activities.

Turning to other creative activities can also help you gain inspiration. Whether it be drawing or painting, anything creative can allow yourself to get lost within your imagination.

Artistic activities, in my opinion, don't always need a thought out plan. You can simply get lost in your thoughts and paint or draw whatever comes to mind. You can let your emotions run wild and you can fully relax.

This can help you write your story, as you can do the same with writing. Also, by looking back on whatever you've drawn or painted, you can use that work and incorporate it into your story in one way or another.

5. Others' works.

Looking at others' pieces of writing can help you think of ideas for your own. By reading a good story, whether it is one with a similar or entirely different plot to yours, their writing can inspire you. I find that by reading various novels, or stories by online friends, I discover new ideas that I can twist and turn into my own.

With fanfiction, rereading the novel can easily help you think of new ideas. As you read through the story, you can see certain points where if the character had chosen a different option, the story would have changed drastically. The new possibilities can conjure up a new fanfiction for you.

In terms of original stories, looking at similar plot-lines can guarantee new ideas. For example, if you're worried about your story being too similar to several others, by reading their stories you can see where you could change something to make it your own.

6. Create a playlist.

Referring back to the music option, creating a specific playlist can help you think of new ideas. Several online authors create playlists for their stories, from a list of songs that inspired them to songs that relate to the story.

Base the playlist on whatever you'd like, just as long as it guarantees you an escape from your block. If the playlist relates to the story, it can help dig up your ideas for the plot-line and therefore inspire you to write. With the playlist consisting of music that inspires you, this can help you throughout whichever story you are writing.

7. Read through your story.

I find that reading through past chapters helps greatly when it comes to writer's block. Rewriting and editing chapters can also inspire me to continue the story. By reading through the story, you can pick up on things you mentioned and incorporate them further into the story.

Also, creating a plan can work for some people. Planning out your story, or even better, each chapter in detail, can help you. You'd be following a guideline and, if heavy detail is in the plan, you wouldn't stray too far from where you want to go with the story.

8. Just write!

Write whatever you want. You can type up future scenes or rewrite old ones. You can type up your plans for the story or begin some drafts for the next chapter. Remember that you can always edit or erase anything you aren't happy with.

Sticking to strict schedules can be good for some people, but not necessarily for everyone. If you are a heavy procrastinator, perhaps set some goals. Try to complete chapters by a certain time in order to get back on track. Whatever you do, don't force yourself to write - this might just end up ruining your chapter or story itself.

Let yourself relax and write whenever you feel like it. Don't allow your readers to pressure you - I'm sure they'd prefer a longer and better chapter that took a long time to write, rather than a short and rather boring chapter that seems rushed and sudden because it was forced.

Let yourself get carried away - you can always edit. Take your time and let yourself become inspired. Just don't stop writing!


That's all! Hopefully my advice has helped you get through your blockage.

If not, go here:

The above question was asked by Linde, and several Quibblonians have posted their solutions to writer's block. That should definitely help you!

I hope each and every one of you can escape the horrendous horror that is writer's block.


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