Aboard The Enterprise

This is a story based on the original Star Trek series, about eighty-four years after the characters were born. This takes place in the future, so it may take time to get used to the technology. Please comment if you have questions or suggestions.

Chapter 1

To Starfleet Academy

I probably screamed and cheered for five hours straight when I found out I was accepted into the Starfleet Academy. It was just this dream I always had, ever since I was four, to grow up and be part of a crew on a ship.
Working hard in the science and medical department in my high school, I was determined to be just like my grandfather, Spock.
Grandfather Spock and I have been living together in a trailer, constantly traveling the earth. I guess since grandpa Spock is too old to work as a science officer on a ship anymore, we travel the earth.

But being a fifteen-year old vulcan, grandpa decided to stop in New York to let me study what I liked. They were a nice series of years. Every day, I would wake up in the morning, walk to Bones high school, then after school I would come back and talk with grandpa. Whenever grandpa got the sense I was feeling depressed, he would just recount an old story with Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise. And when grandpa Spock tells stories, you literally simply can't beg for more. And when I do beg, he would look me in the eye and say, "Tomorrow, Dvel."

Spock named me Dvel after the Vulcan word "choice". My parents didn't, because they exploded after a Romulan attack fourteen years ago when they were still deciding on a good name. My father was a Vulcan, and my mother was a human. The Romulans are sort of like, the Federation of Planet's enemy. Of course I mourn my parents and sometimes cry, but grandpa Spock is about a hundred times better than any parent alive.

Grandpa Spock, for one, gives all of his attention to me. Since we live together, there's no one else he can really meet with. Occasionally, he would go meet up with an old crew mate. But he's always there for me. He helps me with homework, gives me great advice, and teaches me. Though I don't really believe what he says is true, he tells me I'm the most handsome Vulcan/human he's ever known. I don't really see anything different with me. My ears are growing out rather nicely, and my eyebrows are just a tiny bit less arched than his. My short black hair flips up. I have brown-almost black eyes.

I opened the acceptance letter my teacher gave to me right after I got home. When I opened it, my heart skipped a few beats and started furiously pumping green blood into the rest of my body. I only joined the competition for fun! A few months ago, my teacher told us that the Starfleet Academy would be accepting a hundred of Earth's most intelligent and logical people to their school, no charges or anything. We had to submit a video recording of us talking about a project we created. It could be any project we wanted. I submitted this poster on contributions we could add to starships today. It was quite simple, actually, but I guess they really like my presentation.

I read the letter over a few times, then showed grandpa the letter. He took a few minutes to read it, and when he finished, he slowly looked up at me and smiled. Then we both started jumping in the air and shouting. Even at eighty-four, that man can still move.

"I'm so happy, Dvel! You don't know how proud I am!" He said, not resisting the tears flowing down his face. Vulcans can't cry, so this must of been a seriously happy moment for him.

"I know, grandpa! I do! I'm so happy! When can I go?!"

"Well, the ship that leaves to the Starship Academy is at the beginning of every month. That's only four days away until the first of January!"

We hugged each other and stood there for a while. Eventually, he pulled back.

"I'm going to miss you, Dvel. Since the scholarship automatically graduated you from your current school, that will make your stay at the Starfleet Academy even shorter!" He said.

"Shorter? Where will I go when I'm done?" I asked.

"Well. If you're lucky, then you might just be recruited on a starship." He smiled.

I gasped.


He nodded. It was only then I realized how much I would be losing. And even though I don't have much, grandpa Spock is everything to me.
I hugged him again.

"But grandpa! I won't see you again for a long time!"

"Ah, it's ok. We can still keep in touch!"

He let go of me and walked to his bed. He pulled something out of a briefcase then walked back over to me.
In his hand was a small, golden-plated cell phone resembling object.

"Grandpa?" I asked.

"These, Dvel, are communicators. The same ones I used many years ago. I was allowed to keep a few of them as a souvenir when I left the ship."

"Oh, but grandpa! These are, like, special!" I cried.

"Nothing is more special to me than you, son." He told me.

The next four days went by in a flash.
After I got the letter, grandpa Spock and I celebrated by throwing a little party. We even invited Riley! Riley was a former officer on the enterprise. So just the three of us danced and Spock and Riley talked and told stories.

The day after that, I returned to Bones high school to give a speech and receive my diploma. All of the high school, both vulcans and humans cheered so much for me it was actually a bit embarrassing. I was even invited to one last lunch there. I caught up with my friends and said goodbye. It was a teary moment. Vulcans are not supposed to have emotion. But grandpa says since my mother was a human, I still have emotions. I left the school when I was done and flew home on my mini-hovercraft.

The next three days was mostly purchasing and packing. Grandpa gave me a list of things I should buy to prepare for my stay at the Starfleet Academy. I spent nearly all of my money, but I doubt I was going to be able to buy many things at the academy anyway.

The morning I was supposed to leave, grandpa drove me out to the ship. It was in New Jersey and it was raining, so we took a while to get there.

I was sitting in the front, my suitcase in the trunk of the hovercraft. Grandpa looked serious, staring out of the windshield. Finally, we arrived. At first we didn't know where to go. The city was bustling with people, and cars and hovercrafts were everywhere. After taking a few turns, we saw a man standing in the rain with a big blue hologram that read: STARFLEET ACADEMY RECRUITS: FLIGHTS HERE.

Grandpa started walking in his direction, so I followed him. As we got closer to the man with the hologram, I could make out his characteristics. He had a bushy mustache and a wrinkly tan face. A black fedora was covering most of his eyes. He had a buttoned shirt and jeans.

"You sure this is it?" I asked grandpa.

"Of course, Dvel. Where else could it be?"

When the man saw us, he smiled. "Name?" He asked.
"Dvel" I answered. He took out a pad of paper, looked over it, and motioned for us to follow him inside a small building near the water.

"The others are inside." He said.
"We will take off shortly. We just need to inspect you, make sure you're not an impostor."

The man lead us inside the building, turned around, and locked the door.
Immediately I knew something didn't feel right. It was a small room with one lightbulb. There was no official-looking security equipment. There was no other exit than the one the man had just locked and dropped in his pocket.

The man smiled at us. But not the same smile he gave us before.
"Give us your money. And don't make this hard."

Grandpa's eyes widened, as he just realized what happened.
"N-no! Help! Someone! HELP!" Grandpa shouted.

The man chuckled. "These are soundproof walls, fool. Beat them."

At that, five other shady looking people emerged from the shadowed corners of the room holding kitchen knives.
Grandpa whirled around and rapped on the door loudly. "SOMEONE!! PLEASE, HELP!"
The man kicked grandpa on the back and he crumpled. I started hyperventilating.
The men started looting grandpa's pockets.

"Stop it!" I yelled. Some of the men looked my way, amused. The others just kept rummaging through grandpa.
"You fvcking fagots! Too cowardly to steal from someone your scared of, but not an old man!"
Everyone stood up to look at me.
"Don't do anything." The leader with the fedora said. But it was too late. The man on the very left lunged toward me with his knife. I ducked, then grabbed his arm and flipped him over my back. The next man almost cut me, but I managed to kick him away from me.
"You idiots! I said don't attack!" This apparently seemed to encourage his men. Two of them ran toward me at the same time. I faked a punch then kicked him in the crotch. Unfortunately, the other man saw that as an open opportunity. He swung his knife down and the blade got stuck i my back.
"AAAUGHH!!!" I yelled loudly. I fell to the ground, my clothes smeared with blood. I was struggling to stay conscious. If I fell asleep, they could kill me, or lock me in a closet, or who knows what? I could barely see all the men crowding around me. Just as I was about to close my eyes, a bright blue beam of light shot through the air and hit the man closest to me.
He yelled and fell down. Two more lights followed, briskly continued by two more men groaning and falling. I tried turning to see what was happening, but my back hurt way too much. Another beam of light was shot, and then another. I craned my neck as far as I could to see.
Grandpa Spock facing the gang leader. I was scared.
I could easily tell grandpa was not going to win. I tried faking a deep voice and said,
"Hey, boss! Behind you!" I immediately lay my head down and closed my eyes, but I knew what happened next. The man looked behind him, and grandpa jumped on him, pinned him to the ground and smashed his head into the ground.

"Wha-what!?" I said. Grandpa got off the unconscious man and walked over to me. He put a hand over my face and absorbed some of my pain. Vulcans can share feelings. I already felt better. "Hurry up, Dvel. The phaser was only set on stun. They'll be up soon. You'll also be late for the ship!"
I stood up and raced to the door. I jiggled the doorknob, then ran over to the gang leader and pulled the keys from his pocket. I unlocked the door and grandpa and I ran out.

I locked the door from the outside and threw the keys as far as I could into the water. Grandpa made a scrunched up face like he was trying to remember something. "I remember where it is!" He said. Grandpa and I hobbled to the hovercraft as fast as we could, jumped in and started driving immediately. I didn't even know if grandpa's driving was even legal for what he was doing.

We drove through a fence opening that was enclosing an airport. I saw a ship five hundred feet ahead, preparing to take off. The wind was ripping against the hovercraft so fast, grandpa and I had to yell to hear each other.

"STAND UP DVEL!!" He shouted.



I understood what he meant. The big luggage compartment below the ship was slowly closing. Grandpa expected me to jump through that.


We were getting much closer. The chances were lowering. We were very close now.
I looked at grandpa one last time.
"I love you grandpa."


I don't know if he heard me or not, because I jumped up into the ship.

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