The 5 Stars of a Good Quibblo Story

I just randomly decided this. Whaddya think?

Chapter 1

There are no chapters, as this is not really a novel.

The 5 stars of rating a quibblo story! Of course, these 5 stars are based on personal opinion on if you like it or not, but read on, anyway. Maybe you'll think this is a good system, too:

So, what makes a five-star story? I'll tell you what each star stands for :)

1-Good grammar, punctuation, etc. I read a story that had over a thousand reads, and was simply awful. Every other word was capitalized. I've never read a story like that before! And 1000 reads! How is that possible, when stories like Loose Ends are out there?!

2-Originality. Complaining about the story with 1000 reads, again, I could instantly tell it was a cliche. The one where the main character is horribly un-popular, and bullied constantly. I rated the story 3 stars, because it lacked stars 1 and 2.

3- Realistic-ness (andor whether the story is alive or not). Does the story/plot actually make sense? Does the dialogue sound like a conversation that could be happening, or like a bunch of kids standing on a stage reading off of scripts written by clueless adults? Are the characters believable, or Mary-sues/stereotypes/just not real?

4- The writing, itself. Most writers have a style, even if its not completely developed. Do you like that author's style? I like several quibblo authors' styles!
I read twilight. I liked it. (Don't kill me. xD.) I can see the Mary-sueisms of Bella. I understand your reasons for disliking it. But I liked it, simply because of the writing itself. The author's writing style.

5- Suspense. Are you hooked? Do you find yourself writing the cliche comment, "WRITE MORE PLEASE!!" ? Do you find it intruding, or are you just not interested in reading the next chapter? Could you care less if a bomb hit, and ended everything? Or are you dying to find out? Maybe you're not refreshing the page every two minutes, threatening the author, or bribing them with chocolate, but if you find yourself willingly clicking on the next chapter, and enjoying reading it, this star counts. :)

And now we see the art of rating stories, revealed! Do you rate stories like this, or rate them just to be nice?

Hopes that other quibblonians who rated my work have actually used this system... xD.

Now go out, my squirrels, and rate stuff! Click the 'random story' button underneath the 'stories' tab at the top of quibblo! Do it right now, and report back here, whether the story you found was 5-star material, or not. :)


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