iPod Shuffle Repost!

Chapter 1


by: Turnader
Put your iPod on Shuffle and put what the song is for the answer, no matter how silly it seems!

1. How are you today?
The One

2. How old are you?

3. Do you like candy?
Gotta Have It

4. What's your favourite color?
Drive By

5. Are you a boy or girl?
Magazine Girl

6. What makes you happy?
Fortune Teller

7. What do I smell like?
One Engine

8. What do I miss right now?
If I Fall You're Going Down With Me

9. Am I keeping too many secrets?
Appalachian Snowfall

10. What will my last words be?
H.A.M (Hard As a Motherf)

11. How old am I?
Party People

12. How often does my mood change?

13. How's life?
Whatever You Like

14. Where are you going?
Marilyn Monroe

15. Where is my love life at right now?
Light Up The Night

16. Am I a bad person?

17. What type of weather is my favorite?
If I Were You

18. Is my heart broken?
Somebody That I Used To Know

19. Am I mean?
Makes Me Wonder

20. Do I want a drink right now?
Honey, I'm Home

21. What was the last words I said?
Showdown (a different one than before. this Showdown is from the Looper Soundtrack)

22. When's the last time you cried?
Heart Attack

23. What's my favourite food?
Still I Rise

24. Have you ever done drugs?
Pound The Alarm

25. Say something scientific.
I Give In

26. Are you afraid of bugs?
Written In The Stars

27. What's my most favourite body position?
Past Lives

28. Do I like shoes?

29. What's the title of the last video you watched?
Out On The Town

30. Have you ever been starstruck?
Her Face

31. What are people's first impressions on me?
The Rainmaker

32. Will I get married?
Dirty Love

33. Why are my toes so oddly shaped?
Now Generation

34. Do you believe in heaven?
One Of Those Boys

35. Have you ever sung a love song to someone?

36. What's the last thing you read?
I Wish

37. Do you like storms?
Same Mistakes

38. What's was the last activity I did?
All Alright

39. Is someone coming for me?

40. Are you a v^rgin?
Hands Are Clever

41. Do you like politics?
All She Wrote

42. Do I like happy endings?
I Don't Care

43. Am I free?
Save Me

44. Do you believe in superman?
Now That I Found You

45. When's the last time you partied?

46. Have you ever bought someone flowers?
Too Close

47. Do you own a car?
Tell Me a Lie

48. What do I look like?
Up All Night (Alex Clare! not 1D)

49. Am I sick?

50. What do most people find attractive about me?

51. What song describes me?
Closing Your Loop

52. Story of your life?
Cave In

53. Name a random song.
All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)

54. Are you bored?

55. Will I get far in life?
Relax My Beloved

56. How do friends see me?
All Of The Lights

57. What's my guardian/parents' theme song?
Whatta Night

58. What's my friends' theme song?
FUN (no not spongebob if thats what your thinking more Kanye West)

59. What's my pets' theme song?
Grow a Pear

60. What's my funeral song?
Stars (Yay! i love Grace Potter!)

61. Will I have children?
Flashing Lights

62. Good advice?
I'm The Best

63. Am I happy with myself?
Time Machine

64. What's my motto?
Illest Motherfvcker Alive

65. Will I ever find love?
Humming Bird


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