Read Please? Doubt you will.

Chapter 1

Oh, life....

Well, you may notice i'm not really active in my stories. I didn't give up on" them. Honest, i'm just out of ideas. To some, you may think i'm never active and I give up on my stories. I'm a little lost is all.

I'm a freshman in high school and i'm juggling trying to take care of my skin, keep my grades up, roleplay, and stuff. Mostly. You can catch me most by a message or chatzy.

Also, my mom is in a bad state of depression. She only goes out for work and essentials. She eats, sleeps, works, reads. Yeah. she doesn't ever do chores, and once, the dishes were so bad, they smelled like rotten eggs. That's what they were.

And on another note, I mostly get one meal a day. I can eat one plate of food and i'm good. It's not because of my mom, I'm not hungry much.

I feel ever since the "Quibblo owns our stories" shiit, which is BS, i've lost around 100 friends. I miss them so bad. :((

And I asked a question two days ago, 2 replies. Really? 2/609 friends? Sad.

Do you guys care anymore? Honest, I do not see it. And it's really important.

Which story should I update?

I must be a horrible writer then. I'm not liked writing wise. Okay, fine.

As for my Percy Jackson "We're all different, but that's good", it got screwed up and too confusing that AwesomeOK1 quit. I was literally bawling. Someone screwed it up.

So it'`s me, hera1432, Diablo_From_Malaysia, Lightning_Theif and I.

I don't know about hnaridello.

But I was really crying my eyes out blaming myself. I lost good stories I loved and AwesomeOK1.

So until the story is situated, I cannot continue.

Also with schoolwork

Crying my eyes out,



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