Favorite TV show repost!

Chapter 1


by: Turnader
1. Favorite TV show?:

2. Favorite character?:
Cosmo Kramer!

3. Least favorite character?:
The annoying girl Sally

4. Favorite episode? (So far): No so far! its done!
Mmmmm let me think .... Either "The Fusili Jerry" "The Pool Guy" "The Soup Nazi" "The Pothole" "The Serentity Now" "The Strike"

5. Favorite ship?:
Either Elaine and Puddy, or Susan and George

6. How long have you been watching the show?:
6-7 years

7. How did you become interested in the show?:
My family!

8. Who's your favorite actor from the show?:
Michael Richards

9. If you could be anyone from this show, who would you want to be?

10. How would you kill off your least favorite character?

11. What show should your favorite show crossover with?
Everybody Loves Raymond

12. Pick two characters that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple:
Hmm.... either Elaine and George or Elaine and Kramer

13. Does this show have a good cast?
Hell Yes!

14. How good is the theme song?
It doesn't have one. but the music is my ringtone!

Repost with your favorite TV show! :D


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