Young Justice-Ghost

AGE: 13 (going 14)

Oh! And one more thing! I do not own Young Justice or the characters except for my character and part of the story plot. So yeah...ENJOY!

Chapter 1

The Mountain

"Did you get some sleep?" "No." "Nightmares?" I didn't answer. "Look, I know you're mad at me, but this is for the best." I was sitting in the justice league's ship and wonder woman was trying to make me feel better. She told me that I had to join the younger team to learn how to cope with others. I can cope just fine with myself! I always was "the lone wolf" in school. "We're heeere!" the Flash exclaimed to everyone, pulling me momentarily out of my thoughts. "Okay, out you go!" he said to me while motioning me to get out of the ship. I stood up, and walked out. As soon as I stepped out of the ship, I expected the team to leave. Instead, Batman stood next to me while five teens approached me. It was aqua lad, kid flash, and robin. There were two more. One was a girl and the other was a boy. The boy looked vaguely familiar. Ah! He looked like superman. He must be the clone. The girl had green skin and reddish hair. She must be a martian. Ohh...right. She was the Martian's niece. I didn't say anything. I was supposed to be kinda undercover. That's why I couldn't talk. My outfit was white with a red sash (similar to ezio's in assassin's creed). I had a hood with a black piece of fabric covering my entire face. If I opened my hooded jacket-like outfit, you would see an impressive array of knives and white ninja stars with red dots in the center. Before I throwing the stars I would squeeze the center giving me three seconds to spare. Then it would explode. If I said a certain a command, the entire outfit would turn black. I knew I scared them. I guess I did look mysterious and eventually they would want to find out who I really am. I'm probably the most inexperienced hero out of all of them because I only joined the team two years ago. "This is Ghost, he'll be joining the team. He'll be staying at the cave permanently." said Batman. "He can talk for himself....Can't you?" Kid Flash asked. "No, he can't." replied Batman. "Why not?" now the martian was talking. "We don't know. It was probably a childhood accident that affected some part of his brain. He can only communicate through sign language." I felt weird. Everyone was talking about me like I wasn't there. Well, it's always been like that. Everyone was silent. "Well, we'll all get acquainted and all that, you just all leave and do whatever it is that you guys do best, k?" As Kid Flash said this, Robin and him pushed Batman into the ship and waved goodbye. "You'll all be alone without anyone, do you think you can all manage it?" asked the Flash. "THEY'LL BE FINE, LET'S JUST GO." I could tell that Superman was getting aggravated for waiting so long. The ship slowly lifted off of the the landing pad and hovered for a moment. Suddenly, it shot into the sky. I realized I was still staring after the ship and turned around. "Hi! I'm Wally!" said Kid Flash. He extended his hand. I shook it firmly. He continued talking. "That's Aqualad, Robin, Superboy, and Miss Martian." He pointed at each of them as he said their names. "You can call me Kaldur." said Aqualad. "Connor." said Superboy. "My Martian name is M'gann but I prefer to be called Megan." said Miss Martian. The others all turned to Robin, expecting him to say something. He didn't. Wally nudged him with his elbow and cleared his throat. "Ow! What was that for? Oh, umm, you can just call me Robin." I nodded. They stood there staring at me for about a minute before Megan said anything else. "Hello Megan!" she exclaimed as she hit herself in the forehead. "I should show you to your room, since you'll be staying here." Then she grabbed my arm and yanked me into the main part of the mountain.
Robin's P.O.V.
I watched Megan pull Ghost into the main part of the mountain. As soon as they left, I punched Wally in the arm. "Ow!!! All I did was nudge you a little bit. Besides, why didn't you introduce yourself without me having to tell you?" "I don't trust this guy," I responded. "Well you're gonna have to because he's on the team now." said Wally. "I wonder what powers he possesses..." said Kaldur. Connor didn't say anything. We all walked back into the main part of the mountain.

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