What-if Pokemon battle: Ash vs Red.(I do not own or am associated with Pokemon)

Red and Ash are almost the same people. They come from alternate universes. They have the same mother and father. Red is a lone wolf, and Ash spends his whole journey with other people. In both universes, their father left to become a Pokemon master. In Red's universe, His father defeated in the Pokemon League championship by Gary, who is then defeated by Red. Red has even wiped out team Rocket. They come back and get wiped out by Richie.

Chapter 1

The duel

Setting: Indigo Plateau, Champion Red just defeated Richie . Professor Oak comes to see Red.
Oak: Ever since I gave you that Pikachu I saw something in you. You've grown a lot. And now you've beaten A child professor Elm and I had faith in. You are a Pokemon Master.
Red: Thank you, professor.
Oak: I have to go now, my Radio Show is on soon.(Oak leaves)
(Bill comes in)
Bill: Red, It's ready.
Red: What's ready?
Bill: My machine, it can go to alternate UNIVERSES!
Red: Ya mean like the one in that one show?
Bill: Yes. Come and check it out.
Red: (thinking) This sounds interesting i wonder were it would take me? Maybe I can meet an alternate me. Maybe he's more BA than me. Nahhh, hes probably a tool and has accomplished nothing.
(later at Bill's house)
Bill: here we are, my house.
Red, let's do this.
Bill: 3, 2, 1...
Red nothing happENNNND
(meanwhile, Ash returns to Kanto to see his old friends. He comes with May (holding hands))
Misty: ASH, and ... May. Right?
May: oh, stop it Misty, you know who I am.
Misty: So, are you like... dating?
Ash: Yes,(blushing)
(Ash's Mother comes out)
Mother: Ash, You are back(hugs Ash, and lets go). It's been so long. I've made cookies. Could you get them?
Ash: yeah!!
Mother, and I've got some Pokemon food for Pikachu and the rest of your Pokemon.
(Ash gets the cookies and Pokemon food)
Brock: How was Unovah?
Ash: Fun, but I missed Kanto.
(Red pops up in a bush.
Red: (thinking: is that an alternate me? There's mom and two gym leaders. Thats gotta be me. )
Red's Pikachu: biggah biggah
Ash's Pikachu: Piiikaa
Ash: Whats the matter, Pikachu?
Brock: He probably just saw a Rattata or something.
(Oak comes in)
Oak: It's good to see you again, Ash.
Ash: Professor Oak!!!!
(Red and his Pikachu come in)
Ash: Do I know you from somewhere?
Red: No, but I hear you're good. I challenge you!!!
Ash: Alright then, lets battle.
Red: (points his index finger) GO, Pikachu!!!
Ash:(also points his index finger) Pikachu, I choose YOU!!!
Pikachu use thunderbolt.
Red: Pikachu, use dig.
(Red's Pikachu dug a hole)
(Ash's Pikachu used thunderbolt, his attack missed)
(Red's Pikachu used dig, it was super effective)
(Ash's Pikachu fainted)
Ash: Go Bulbasaur!!!
(2 minutes later, Red's Pikachu fainted)
Red: Charizard, use Flamethrower!
(It was super effective, Bulbasaur fainted)
Ash: Go, Squirtle!
Red: Charizard, use slash.
(a critical hit)
Ash: Squirtle, use hydro pump
( it was super effective, Charizard fainted)
(10 minutes later)
Red: Down to my last Pokemon. Go MEWTWO!!!
Ash: Go, Butterfree!
Red: Mewtwo, use psychic
(Butterfree fainted)
(Ash is out of usable Pokemon... Ash whited out.)
Bill: Hey ash, I made a new machine that can...
(Red goes back to his own universe)


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