Sometimes I Want to Die

Story composed of text messages, instant messages and diary entries.

Main Character:
Name: April Mae Scott
Age: 18
Apperance: 5'7", chubby, brown hair, blue eyes.
Hobbies: Dancer, Floutist, Cheerleader and Writer

Setting: Small town named Ashley, Ohio. 2012.

High School senior.

IM Screennames:

xoxo313: April Mae
dreams512: June
ilbball: "Lucy"
xxhelperxx: Jet

Chapter 1

The Mask

Dear Diary,

Well today is the first day of school for my senior year! I'm really not that excited. Mom invited Aunt Joann and Jay over for dinner tomorrow night. I haven't seen him since after states in March. Maybe I can get out of it but I probably won't. I hate Jay. He is so mean to me and he does things I know he shouldn't do.

Mom decided to get up early today and make me breakfast. I don't like it when she cooks. She always makes such unhealthy stuff for example she made me eggs with bacon, pancakes and french toast. I'm going to die on of these days from being fat.

Yeah we went shopping the other day and mom had to get me a bunch of bigger sizes. I can't believe I've gained that much weight. I don't want to go back to school. I don't have many friends except the annoying girls in band who for whatever reason look up to me.

Well I guess I must go. I just got a text from "Lucy". Yeah I really like him but I know he will never go for a girl like me. Even if I was his cheerleader. I hate the way I look. I seriously need a freaking crash diet or anorexia or something. I'll write you later.


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