Quidditch Is Our Passion, Love Is Our Game.....(Oliver Wood Love Story)

Quidditch Is Our Passion, Love Is Our Game.....(Oliver Wood Love Story)

Hope you like it:))

Chapter 1

Character/ The Beginning

Name: Bella Weasley
Year: 6th
Twin: Isa Weasley
Five Minutes Younger
Close To: Isa, Oliver, Cedric, Percy, George, and Ginny
Looks: Red Hair, Fair Skin, Brown Eyes
Quidditch: Chaser

Name: Isa Weasley
Year: 6th
Twin: Bella Weasley
Five Minutes Older
Close To: Bella, Cedric, Oliver, Percy, Fred, and Ron
Looks: Red Hair, Fair Skin, Brown Eyes
Quidditch: Chaser

Ages will change!
Percy: 7th Year
Oliver and Cedric: 6th Year
Fred and George: 5th Year
Harry, Ron, and Hermione: 3rd Year
Ginny:2nd Year
Sorry If You Don't Like This, But I Had To Do It!

Things Are Not Got Going To Be The Same As Books/Movies

Bella's POV

"Isa, Bella, George, and Fred, hurry up! We don't want to miss the train, now do we,"mum exclaim from downstairs. I looked at my watch and roll my eyes, we still had plenty of time left.
"So, ready to dominate on the field again?,"asked Fred as he entered the room with George.
All four of were on the Gryffindor quidditch team, guess you can say it runs in our blood.
"Of course!,"we both exclaimed back.
"So, guess what Ginny told me,"I said as I finished packing.
"What?,"all three of them asked. I looked up at them, actually excited.
"I'm joining the team,"said Ginny passing by. I heard Isa squealed, while Fred and George gave each other a high five.
"Does Oliver know?,"asked Fred. We all knew that Oliver would be greatful, he had already seen Ginny play.
"Nope, planing on surprising him,"I replied with a smile. They simply nodded,"You better not tell him though, I wat to give him the news."

"Bye mum,"I said as I hugged her,"and I promisse to take care of this little wizards."
"Little, girl please! I'm older than you!,"exclaimed Isa as she let go of dad. I started to laugh at her expression.
We boarded the train and sat at our usual compartment, were Cedric and Oliver were already sitting down.
"Hey guys,"I said as I sat next to Oliver and Isa next to Cedric. Isa had a thing for Cedric, it was so obviouse, except for Cedric.
"Oliver, guess what!,"I squealed with excietment. He looked at me and smiled.
"What?,"he asked with a chuckle.
"Ginny is trying out as a chaser!,"me and Isa squealed. Oliver's face lit up like I knew it would.
"So, let me get this right. Harry as Seeker, me as Keeper, Fred and George as Beaters, and you, Isa and Ginny as Chasers....sorry to tell you this Cedric, but there's no way Gryffindor can lose!,"exclaimed Oliver hugging me. I laughed along with Isa as Cedric simply smirked.
"That's a challenge I'm willing to accept,"said Cedric shaking Oliver's hand, this boys can really get competitive. We talked, laughed, and watch Isa flit with Cedric for the rest of the ride.

"Hey, watch this,"said George. I turn and looked as he put a puking pastel in Ron's juice. Assoon as Ron sip it he made a face, making us laugh.
"What did you guys d-,"he didn't even get to finish his sentence. He got up and ran towards the restrooms.
"George, Bella leave Ron alone!,"exclaim Isa angry. She hated it when George and I messed with him, as much as I hated when Fred and her messed with Ginny. Yeah, you can say we got favorites, but it's just who we closer with.
"Okay, so, tomorrow we have the day off from classes, but we do have Quidditch "try-outs",said Oliver sitting next to me.
"Fun, a whole day with my best friend,"I exclaimed, and he quickly smiled down at me.

Oliver's POV

I looked at Bella as she exclaimed she will get to spend the whole day with her best friend, which was me.
I have to admitt I do have feelings for her, they grew as we started to get closer. But I'm afraid to that if I tell her I will lose her, I mean, what if she doesn't feel the same way for me? What if I tell her she won't want to talk to me anymore? Nah, I rather have her as a friend than nothing at all.
"Yay!,"I simply replied. She smiled and turn to Isa.

Bella's POV

"Sorry, you won't get to spend the day with your beloved dummy,"I mocked her. She quickly glared at me, as George, Fred, and Oliver laughed.
"Oh, come one! I mean you make it so obviouse but he still doesn't get a clue,"I told her, she was about to repond, but didn't say anything knowing I was right.
"I just wish he did,"she sighed.
"Yeah, maybe if I get involve,"I said trying to give her a hint.
"Oh, please don't!,"she quickly exclaimed.
"Fine, but my plan would have worked perfectly,"I exclaimed as I took a bite out of a sandwhich. She simply rolled her eyes, and went back to eating.
Before I knew it we were in our dorm, and five minutes later I was sound asleep.

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