Only We Didn't Use Amortentia.....(A Blaise Zabini Love Story)

Only We Didn't Use Amortentia.....(A Blaise Zabini Love Story)

Hope You Like It:))

Things Will Change Completly!!

Thanks To My_Tears_Still_Fall for the title:))

Chapter 3

I Can See No Way

The next morning I woke up to Pansy shaking me.
"Come on, we need to get ready,"she said as she saw my eyes open. I rolled my eyes, but got up. There's no use of trying to go back to sleep, anyways.
"Hurry up and put your robes on, Snape is going to give us our timetables, I just hope we don't have any classes with those Gryffindors and mudbloods of Huffle-,"she started to say, but quickly shut up as she saw me glare a her. She knew how much I hated for them to use the m word.

"Here's yours, Ms. Riddle,"said Snape handing me mine. I smiled at him, he was a very close family friend, not that anybody knows.
"So, what you get?,"asked Blaise. I rolled my eyes, I had forgotten about last night, but when I saw him everything came back.
"I got almost everything with Gryffindor and Hufflepuff,"I replied smiling big.
"Same here,"Draco and Blaise replied. Oh great, this is going to be interesting.
"Hey, that's not fair, I only have two classes together with you guys,"said Pansy noticing.
Perfect just what I needed, she's going to leave me alone with this two nut jobs, now that wasn't fair. Guess I just need to shake it off, and deal with it.
"Let the fun begin,"I heard Blaise say as we stood up to go to class. I can see no way that this would be fun.

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