Only We Didn't Use Amortentia.....(A Blaise Zabini Love Story)

Only We Didn't Use Amortentia.....(A Blaise Zabini Love Story)

Hope You Like It:))

Things Will Change Completly!!

Thanks To My_Tears_Still_Fall for the title:))

Chapter 2

Date? Not Even In Your Wildest Dreams

"So, anything special for this year Princess?,"asked Draco as we started to feast.
"Not really, just going by the moment,"I replied with a slight smirk. Live every second and love every minute, at least, that's how I see live.
"So, you going to the dance next week in Hogsmeade?,"asked Pansy.
"I don't see what not, may even take a date,"I replied, joking about the last part.
"And who may that be,"Madison butted in,"Blaise?"
I knew she said that simply because my and Blaise couldn't stand each other. I don't know what I ever did to that player, but he seems to hate me with every inch of his body.
"Not in a million years,"I replied taking a bite out of some pretty tasty toast.
"Hey, a date with me is like a date with the best, plus, I do please all the ladies,"said Blaise. I rolled my eyes, he would hit on anything as long as it's a girl, I swear.
"Please? Ha, if we ever go on a date, which will never happen, we'll end up killing each other,"I told him.
"Now, that's something I'll pay to see,"said Draco with a slight smirk. I kicked him under the table, making him chuckle. He was just adding more wood to the fire, he knew Blaise never backed down from a dare, and Draco pretty much dared him.
"Is that a challenge Malfoy?,"Blaise asked raising a eyebrow.
"It could be,"replied Draco eying me.
"You really hate me don't you,"I said letting a huge sigh out. Draco simply simply smirked right back at me, this is just how our relationship works. He haunts me with Blaise, while I haunt him with Pansy. Pansy is a nice girl and all, but Draco doesn't have eyes for her.
"So, Riddle, what do ya say? We show this pathetic blonde we can go on a date with out killing each other?,"asked Blaise, rubbing my leg with his foot.
"Get that foot away from me, now!,"I demanded trying to stay under control. He did as he was told,"and a date? Not even in your wildest dreams."
A smirk appeared on his face, as the rest laughed it out. I knew I had just become a goal on my enemy's list. A list every girl dreams on being, being with Blaise, simply not this girl.

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