Only We Didn't Use Amortentia.....(A Blaise Zabini Love Story)

Only We Didn't Use Amortentia.....(A Blaise Zabini Love Story)

Hope You Like It:))

Things Will Change Completly!!

Thanks To My_Tears_Still_Fall for the title:))

Chapter 10

What Is Going On Here?

Harry and I went into the library, as he helped me with my homework. The more people saw us together, the better for me. Soon, the word spread around the castle, which if you asked me, I thought it was impossible for word to spread this fast. Some students even faked coming in for books just to see us together.

"So, for the dance on you have, uh, date?" he asked nervously making me smile a bit. He is just way to adorable.

"She does," I heard a voice reply for me, and I knew Blaise was standing right behind me, and he didn't like what he was seeing. "And may I ask, what the bloody hell is going on here?"

"None of your business, Blaise!" I exclaimed right back, before returning my attention to Harry, who had a confused look on his face. "I lost a bet, and if I lost it, I had to go on a date with Blaise."

Harry relaxed as soon as I explained to him why Blaise was my date.

"It's okay I understand, there's always a next time, right?" he asked with a nervous chuckle.

"Always," I replied reaching for his hand, making Blaise go over his head mad.

"Brey, you better watch what you're doing! I mean, I get word that you're here with Potter, but I didn't believe it, I thought she isn't that supid, is she? I guess I was wrong! You better stop playing your mind games!"

"Blaise, this is not a mind game!" I replied standing up, getting mad he called me stupid, "And you better watch your mouth before I hex you into next weekend! What did you think, huh? That it was going to be a real date? I guess, you're the stupid one here."

"You know what...just forget it, see you tomorrow at six," he replied walking away, with a hint of disappointment in his voice. He turned around half away and added. "You know what make that four."

"Great," I replied with a dry voice as I turned and looked at Harry, who looked at me wanting to know more about the topic. "He asked me out on a date, and since I lost the bet, he gets to decide where we go and how long the date will be."

I made sure to leave the part of the kiss out, due to the fact that I may be starting to like Harry. He is a sweet guy, and very attentive. Maybe this would work out for the best.

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