Surviving The McLane Boys

Surviving the McLane boys is KINDA?? already a short story. The "first" story just helped me pick out the title!!!! And there was another story called Living With The Walker Boys and that helped me get some ideas. Just wanted to say where I got the stuff from so I'm not accused of plagiarism!!Have fun reading my book I had fun writing it and I hope you had fun reading it!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I woke up on the couch, not remembering anything about last night. The only thing I could remember was falling and blacking out. I stood up feeling very woozy, I almost passed out again. I sat down. I didn't feel like passing out again so I called for my dad. He was the only person I had considering I was an only child. My mom died when I was 6. When my dad came into the living room he was brushing his teeth. "Hey there, kiddo. How ya feelin?" "I'm fine" I lied. "What happened to me yesterday?" "Ohh, lets not get into that yet" He answered wearily "Lets talk about the present not the past."Alright daddy" He always made me feel happy in the worst of times. Now I realized something was wrong. "Daddy, why aren't you at work today?" Even though i'm a sixteen year old girl I still felt like a baby sometimes. "Well,...sweetheart." Now I felt tension in the room. I hate tension. "I have some bad news." "Is there any good news?""Well it depends." "Um.....ok" I said nervously. Then I saw my dad's eyes getting red and watery. Either he ate a chili pepper or he's crying. My dad never cry's this must be really bad. " Honey....I got fired from my job." PHEW!! that was it. I'd like to see what happens if a family member died!!! "Oh it's ok dad!! There are plenty of other jobs out there." " But thats the thing kiddo, I cant get another job for 7 years.
'Did I just hear him correctly' I thought 'SEVEN YEARS!! I'LL BE TWENTY-ONE WHEN HE GETS A JOB!! I'LL EVEN HAVE A JOB!!' All this was making my thoughts jumble and like an idiot I said "What??" "Honey, it gets even worse" 'Oh great just what I need more bad news.' But I said that in my head so he couldn't hear me. "The government says that if I'm not responsible enough to keep a job then I cant....I can't...( Now he really started Niagara Falls)..I can't take care of a child.'OMG now i'm helping him build the falls' "Daddy... w-whats gonna happen to u-us?"I was chocking on all my words."Honey you are going to live with my old college buddy""W-when am I leaving?" "He'll be here to p-p-pick you up in half an hour." He was chocking on his words to. "Well w-w-what's gonna happen to you?" "Don't you DARE worry about me. Okay? Just worry about you, I'll be taken to a nice apartment paid by the government until I can get a job." Okay..da-ddy, I love you." " I love you to baby girl." He brought me to my room. All my things were packed into suit cases. Turns out he wasn't actually in the bathroom the whole time. Go figure. Twenty minutes later I heard a car horn honking in the driveway. Me and my dad hugged for what seemed like days and he said, " Honey, i'll do my best to get a job no later than two years" "I love you daddy" "I love you to." And that was it I got into the "college friends" car and my dad said," Take care of her Bill" Bill replied by saying " Will do Rob" Then my dad turned to me and said, "Whatever happens, stay strong baby girl" " The only response I had was to hug him. We exchanged goodbyes and Bill and I drove off. This was it. Now was the time to face reality.

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