Luna's Tale (For Zori's Contest)

Chapter 1

I woke up to a scratching.

by: EcoDude
Behind my closed bedroom door, someone or something was scratching at the wood.

Shut up, Matt, I'm trying to sleep! I thought grouchily.

I buried my face into my pillow to try and cut out the noise. It kept getting louder, so I shoved my head under the pillow and gritted my teeth, planning to wait out the night. I had no time to worry about my old "man's best friend" (which he seriously wasn't, but my family insisted on keeping him).

I hated my dog. He was an over-excited mutt who desperately needed attention every second of the day. I was always busy with something, like doing my homework, when he bounded into my room, interrupting my studies. He always waited under the table for us to drop something on the ground, and gobbled it up like a pig.

I tried to distract myself by looking out the window and watching the few cars speeding by, the trees waving back and forth in the wind, the lamp post beaming light on the black tar streets.

What did I see out there? A wolf pack?

The scratching kept getting louder, and it started to sound like something from a horror movie. I started to freak out.

Hoooooowl! A lonesome sound broke the silence of the night.

Yup, it's a wolf pack, I thought. Now I was really freaking out. It's only your dog. It's only your dog, I thought over and over.

Although I was scared, I was also annoyed. It was surely my dog....I mean, how could a member of the wolf pack break into my house? He'd always ruined my life. Anger started bubbling up in me and I stepped out of bed. I took deliberate steps towards the door, and flung it open.

"What do you want, dog?!" I screamed.

But it wasn't my dog.

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