Srry I only have the first few chapters and I kno the title doesnt make that much sense yet but tell me what you think :) (not my best work js)

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

by: rawrzers
Ansel started to walk to dinner while the rest of us boys had to go get the girls.
Bryna was waiting for me when I got to the girls`room. I offered her my arm and she took it. We settled into the usual awkward silence while we waited for Ethan, Saray, Dainis, and Shani. Bryna cleared her throat.
'So, what do you think about the whole rebellion shiz?' she asked.
'Isnt shiz a synonym for a swear word?' I asked with a smile.
'Shut the shell up! You know I would swear if I could and your just avoiding my question!'
'Youre right,' I agreed, 'I am avoiding the question and imma keep avoiding it. What do you think about the whole rebellion shiz?'
'OK now you’re just being an ars! I agree! OK, happy? I wanna get the hell outta here!!'
'And ditch me? How hurtful!' I teased.
'Nope I’d be dragging you by the hair with me.'
'Kicking and screaming?'
'Kicking and screaming,' she confirmed.
'Oh hot damn you aint going all bad ars on us are you?' Ethan asked.
'What makes you think that?' I questioned right back.
'Cant answer a question with an answer!' Saray chimed in.
'Watch us!' said Bryna wiggling her eyebrows.
'Okay officially jealous!!!' Ethan said, “You can wiggle your eyebrows!!'
'Omigoddess, Ethan! Really? You’re jealous about that?' Saray asked him.
'Not to be a bore, but you never told us why you think we’re going all bad ars,' I reminded them.
'Kicking and screaming? That doesn’t sound suggestive at all!' Saray giggled.
'Oh Goddess! And I thought we had the dirty minds!' Bryna giggled. We all laughed.

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