Srry I only have the first few chapters and I kno the title doesnt make that much sense yet but tell me what you think :) (not my best work js)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

by: rawrzers
'How cool is that? An uprising!' Ansel almost yelled, as soon as the door to the classroom closed.
'I know right?' I asked, equally as excited.
'I’m not so sure, dudes. I mean it would be dangerous and all, and I don’t think the compound’s that bad. Honestly, Ansel, I’d trade ya.'
'Really, dude, really? I have to stay in this damn compound for the rest of my life! I get to meet my parents once, then I never see them again!' Ansel exclaimed. I just stared at Ethan.
'What do you think of this all, Eth?' I asked him.
'It’s a horrible idea. If they come to rescue us, I’m not leaving.' he answered.
We all stared at him. Even Dainis.
He lowered his head, as if in shame.
'Um boys?' Diamond asked, walking up, 'I’m pretty sure dinner is that way.' She pointed behind us.
'Uh, ya we were just going there,' Ansel said, shifting his weight from foot to foot.
She nodded and walked away, heels click, click, clicking.
'Lets go get some supper boys,' Ansel said.

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