Srry I only have the first few chapters and I kno the title doesnt make that much sense yet but tell me what you think :) (not my best work js)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

by: rawrzers
We were the last to class. The other 8 boys and girls were already there. I took my designated seat beside Bryna and remarked about how annoyingly similar the seating plan was. I mean it had been the same for two years now. Myself at the far corner beside Bryna, then came Ansel, and Conor then the tables turned and the next row came. Shani, Dainis, Norin, Diamond and the tables turned again. Eloy, Logan, Saray, and finally Ethan, making a perfect U.
The official teacher walked in.
'Miss Diamond would you please take attendance?' she asked while sitting behind her desk, her back perfectly straight and knees at a ninety degree angle.
'Yes, Miss,' Diamond answered, 'Ansel, Austin, Bryna, Conor, Dainis, myself, Eloy, Ethan, Logan, Norin, Saray, Shani. All present Miss.'
'Thank you Diamond,' she said in the boring official tone, 'Now I suspect you are all wondering why you have been woken earlier.'
I saw Ethan glance at Dainis with a triumphant look for half a second.
'It is because there is a serious issue going on outside the compound. Some of parents are refusing to give their children away.'
There was many collective gasps at her words.
'Please children, do not interrupt,' the official said with no emotion whatsoever.
I felt a flicker of annoyance at being called a child when I was 17 almost 18.
'Now, there have been rumours of plans of adults breaking into the compound and taking back their children which, I must say, is nearly impossible but with the Alpha they have now I believe they just may succeed.'
I felt a flare of hope and looked at Ansel who out of us four roomies, had the biggest reason for getting the hell out of here. He looked positively ecstatic. Dainis looked unsure but Ethan, well, he looked positively sick as if even the thought of leaving the compound made him want to throw up.
Bryna raised her hand.
'Yes Miss Bryna?' asked the official.
'Pray, would you be able to tell us the name of this leader?' she asked, politely.
'No, Miss Bryna, I cannot because she has children here and I cannot reveal the identity of a parent,' the official answered.
'Oh, how awesome would it be to be the son of the Alpha in the uprising,' I thought.
Saray raised her hand.
'Yes, Miss Saray?'
'Excuse me, Miss, but did I, by any chance, hear you say the Alpha was a female?'
'Why yes, Miss Saray, you did. The Alpha of the uprising is indeed a female. A very clever one a that, as much as I detest to admit it.'
Logan raised his hand.
'Yes, Mr. Logan?'
'If the Alpha is a female then surely they cannot attack the compound? I mean females are not meant for fighting.'
The official pursed her lips and then said,
'Miss Shani, would you like to answer his question?'
'Yes, Miss. Right, look here Logan. Just because females don’t fight with their fists, doesn’t mean they don’t fight. We argue with our words and body language. A rude word can go as far as a fist to the face,' Shani said glaring at Logan the whole time.
Logan and Conor looked at eachother then started to laugh.
Shani raised an eyebrow.
'Just because we dont normally use violence doesn’t mean we’re weak and won’t slap you if you really piss us off,' she threatened with a wicked smile that unnerved me.
'That is enough, Miss Shani,' the official said with a hint of a threat in her voice.
Shani closed her mouth, but continued to glare at Logan. She seemed to think of something and raised her hand.
'Yes, Miss Shani?' the official asked.
'I am sorry if I am being rude, but why do some of the boys have to stay here and work while none of the girls do? I have only ever seen women in the compound never males. I am just awfully curious.'
'You ask too much, Miss Shani. You will find out when you are 18.'
Norin raised his hand.
'Yes, Mr Norin?'
'I turn 18 tomorrow,' he said.
'Will I have to wait for the others to turn 18 or do I find out everything tomorrow?'
'You will find out everything tomorrow. Now class, enough of the question and answers. Time for lessons.'
I groaned in my head, but it didn’t change anything.
Math was first and, as always, I had no trouble with it. I had no trouble with any class. Straight As were my specialty.
11 hours later school was done and it was time to eat dinner.

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