Srry I only have the first few chapters and I kno the title doesnt make that much sense yet but tell me what you think :) (not my best work js)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: rawrzers
Brrrriiiiiiing. The bell to wake us up rang shrill and clear. We all groaned. Three taps on the door. Tap, tap, tap. Thirty minutes to get ready. I swung my legs out of bed and stretched my arms above my head, blinking to clear my eyes.
'Dudes is it just me or did the bell ring earlier than usual?' asked Ethan, shaking his black shaggy hair.
'I think you’re right,' I said.
'Proof?' asked Dainis, his blue eyes crusted with sleep.
'You and your proof,' muttered Ansel getting up and going to the washroom. 'Dibs on the shower!'
'Whatever,' Ethan, Dainis, and I chimed.
'Can I just skip the shower?' asked Ethan.
'Sure if you want crap from the officials, go ahead,' I said.
'Good point,' he answered. 'Im going back to bed, wake me when you guys are all dead, er done. Sorry exhaustion is screwing up my grammar.'
'You probably do want us dead, whole room to yourself,' yawned Dainis. The only response he got was snores.
'Your turn Austin,' announced Ansel as he came out of the bathroom, steam following him.
'Holy crap An, how hot was that shower?' Dainis asked, staring at the steam as it evaporated.
'Almost as hot as me,' Ansel answered.
'Hardy har har,' said Dainis, dryly.
I left them arguing and went to the bathroom, taking my shower, getting dressed, and brushing my teeth. I didn’t bother with my hair, it could sort itself out.
'Dainis,' I said, exiting the bathroom.
'Ya, ya,” he muttered, “I’m going.'
'Eth, time to get up, dude,' I said shaking him. When that didn’t do anything, I shoved him off the bed.
'Hey! What the fu, uh fudge?' he asked.
'Dainis is in the bathroom then it’s your turn,' I said, making my bed.
'Ya, ok ow, that hurt,' he mumbled as he made his bed.
'Suck it up,' I told him, as Dainis opened the door and proceeded to make his bed.
Tap, tap, tap, on the door.
'Better hurry dude, five more minutes,'Ansel said glancing at Ethan.
'Ya huh, Im going,' Ethan said, dashing for the bathroom.
Five minutes later, the four of us, exited our dorm and made our way down the hall to class.

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