Never Ever Maybe

Never Ever Maybe

:3 hope you like just made it in thought

Chapter 1

No Love Here

I'll never fall in love
No fairy tale ending
Just me and this rain on my face
Love comes and goes
But life is the thorn on my rose
I don't want that warm feeling
I'm cold and alone but fine
Give my heart a break
Don't give me yours
When one is enough
Never touch me
Keep that look away from me
I'm one person only
Waking down a grey path
No rainbow in my rain
Magic does not exist
Just pain in a hollow world
I have no wonderland
No place to escape
Stuck on the ground
Those clouds of heaven
Has yet to ever reach me
I have no prince charming
My glass slipper broke
With no fairy godmother
But my heart's imagination
To find my heart
You'll need a shovel
Buried deep within the ground
In a box full of pieces
Love is just a fantasy
You don't give up though
Giving me a new beating heart...yours
Making me breath after a long time
Making our own tale
Turning me from a beast to a beauty
This will be everlasting
I'll fall in love just this one for you only
So let's live happily ever after then...

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