Just can't breath

Just can't breath

:) was bored and just thought about love

Chapter 1

The heart of the sea

I hear the sea of your heart
My one and only treasure
Without I can't breath
Look at me falling on this sand
Blowing me away with that scent
Your smile is the sun it's self
A heart the colors of the rainbow
My star from up above
The melody from your lips
Feel me with bliss
I could die now in your arms
Smiling in those emerald eyes
No gold or money
Could ever measure up to your love
Your one of a kind
With my full attention
In the water like that
Makes you a mermaid
Tempting my heart
Your eyes say it all
Say you stay forever with me
I'll follow you if you go
I'll hold you when you dare shed a tear
Then marry you under that sunset
Leaving you speechless
My love is a waterfall
Never stops going
When you fall I will catch you
Your love is like the sea
Flowing with beauty and magic
Washing me away from a shore
Then making my heart sick for you constantly
I will loose to you always
Your way stronger
I can't breath anymore
Sing me to rest with you voice
My very own lullaby by the sea
Growing pale and deeply tired
Opening a door to heaven
I loved you to the end of my time
Candles in the water
I'm cold but your warm
Crying like a river gone loose
I can hear your heart
The beauty of the sea
With a voice of an angel.


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