Hilarious conversations that Gomez has with people XD


Chapter 1

Bowie's Dream ( a message convo with Dizzy_Miss_Lizzy)

Me: (BAYM! It has now switched to Gomez! hello!)
Ziggy: I know...but I feel...tall....MUAHAHAHAHA! Crap! Falling here! Help!

Lizzie: Hello, Gomez! :D
points to Ziggy
You switch now, Ziggy!!! Switch into Major Tom...or this man you call David!!! XD

Me:(Ziggy switches to this man called DAVID BOWIE)
David (or Ziggy?!): Hello!
Hello Lizzie! :D So now you have new conversation partners! Yay!

Lizzie: Hi, Mr. Bowie!!! smiles brightly
Yay!! Hi Gomez!!! This is gonna be fun!!!! :D

Me: Technically, George should be paired up with David.
According to the user nubilis, they're married O.o
Honestly George, you always pick the wrong person.
David: Gomez, shut up! covers my mouth

Lizzie: Oh, yeah, I've heard! :)
Whatcha hiding, Mr. Bowie? giggles

Me: pushes David's hand out of the way
Oh, he's hiding a lot of things.
David: I will clout you on the head, you Spanish prittstick!
Oooh! Secretive, much? ;D And it's ''half-Spanish''.

Lizzie: Oh, wow! You are very violent, Mr. Bowie!
But it sounds like true love! X)

Me: bursts out laughing XD
David: I'm not normally this violent. Gomez is just very annoying.

Lizzie: looks at Gomez
Is your last name really Dolenz, or are you just "Monkee"ing around?

Me: No, it's really Dolenz. :P John Dolenz. It's not the kind of thing I'd Monkee about.

Lizzie: OMB! That's so totally awesome!!!!!

Me: Yeah! :D I really have the urge to change my name to Micky though. Micky Gomez Dolenz. XD
David: I think you should change your name to Andrew.
David: Yes. Andrew Noying!

Lizzie: laughs at Bowie's joke
I like your name, it's so cute! :D

Me: Thanks! Lizzie ain't too bad either!
Bowie: Charmer. I elbow him OW!
Hypocrite. (cough) GEORGE! (cough) Sorry, I seem to have terrible cough.
Bowie: I'm warning you, Dolenz....

Lizzie: Yeah, it's just to save people from having to say my whole name! XD
Man, is there a cold going around or what?!
Well, Mr. Bowie, to get your mind off of George for a second, how was it like having THE John Lennon for backup vocals on "Fame"?

Me: Bowie: THANK YOU! It was amazing actually, although difficult to fit both egos into one room.
Cause you have many egos, don't you Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavid?

Lizzie: I wish I was there to witness the sheer musical magic!!!!
And I'm pretty sure that Mr. Bowie's music would not be the same without his egos!!

Me: No, tis true, it wouldn't.
Bowie: So you're finally seeing sense, Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomez?

Lizzie: Yooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuu twoooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaare soooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooofy toooooooogeeeeeeeetheeeeeeer! XD

Me: Good lord! We sound like a Bob Dylan song! XD

Lizzie: No, wait!
grabs harmonica
Okay, now we're talking! XD

Me: Sooooner or later, oooooooooooooooooooone of us must knoooooooooooooooooooow....XD

Lizzie: plays harmonica
Geez, how does he do it? XD

Me: Bowie: whacks Gomez over the head with a newspaper That's nonsense! Dylan doesn't sing like that!
Oh yeah? How does he sing, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavid?
Bowie: Er...er...like that. I'll just shut up.
Don't be ridiculous, Bowie! Join iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

Lizzie: What's wrong with you, Mr. Bowie?! You are so mean to Gomez!!!

Me: Oh, we just don't like each other. Bowie nods in agreement

Lizzie: And why not? O_O

Me: Actually, I can't really remember. O.o
Bowie: Hm....neither can I?

Lizzie: Well, y'all should be a little more nicer to each other!!!!!!!!

Me: Fine. We'll be buddies. I suppose we have no choice in the matter, otherwise George will be angry. Bowie and Gomez gulp

Lizzie: Thank you!
Now, where were we?

Me: Bob Dylan singing?

Lizzie: Oh, right!
I tend to like "Subterranean Homesick Blues" the best!
What's yours?

Me: Hm...maybe 'Leopard skin pill box hat' or 'Like a Rolling stone'

'You used to ride on your chrome horse with your diplomat' O.O hmmm....lyrical swipe at Warhol, much? :P

Lizzie: Everybody was throwing lyrics at everyone back then!!!
Wouldn't doubt it...

Me: Yup...according to rumour, Dylan threw darts at a copy of Warhol's silver elvis painting! XD
Bowie: How violent!
Hypocrite! Oh wait, we were being buddies. Sorry, forgot.

Lizzie: ACK!!!!
Not Elvis... :,(

Me: Then he went and traded it for a couch! O.o If I was given a Warhol painting BY Warhol, I wouldn't wreck it and sell it for a couch! Silly Dylan! Why maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?

Lizzie: XD
I wonder what kind of couch it was...

''So we continued to discuss the possibilities of Warhol and Dylan, until Lizzie asked Bowie whether he would have sold a Warhol painting for a couch, and he got angry. We were forced to use sleeping gas on him.''

Lizzie: moves as Bowie falls to the floor
Wow... That was quick...

Me: puts a pillow under Bowie's head Let's hope he doesn't have concussion after that fall...O.O George would kill me...XD

Lizzie: Now it's Bowie's turn to dream of George! XD

Me: XD I wish we had some way of knowing what Bowie was dreaming of...XD

Lizzie: Right?!
takes rolled up newpaper and looks through it into Bowie's ear
Nope, don't really see much... XD

Me: rolls eyes, and grabs the dream-o-matic. Attatches it to Bowie's head, and puts the goggles on OH MY GOODNESS!

Lizzie: What do you see?!

Me: I....I see Elton John! Doing a dance on his piano! OH LORDY! Mick Jagger's there as well...and now they're ballroom dancing?!

Lizzie: I wanna be in Bowie's dream!

Me: grins, and transports us to Bowie's dream
We have exactly one hour of enjoyment...if we don't leave by then, Bowie will go into a coma.

Lizzie: O.O

Mick walks over and holds his hand out. Elton does the same.
Who's hand do they want to take? Choose your pick, Gomez!!!

Me: rolls eyes
Who would you prefer to dance with?

Lizzie: Dunno...closes eyes and grabs Mick's hand

Me: starts to play piano with Elton
Love is in the air...doo doo doo, doo doo doo, love is in the air...XD
Elton: WAIT! I have a better idea!
It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside...

Lizzie: Cool! It's Your Song!!
Mick: It's not my song...
steps on Mick's foot and he shuts his mouth
Just listen to Elton and Gomez sing...

Me: Elton and I continue to sing your song
WATCH OUT, JAGGER! There's a scorpion by your feet!
Mick: Eh?! stumbles, and falls on his bum
Elton smirks, and begins to play Moves Like Jagger on the piano
''See a scorpion, I fall over, quite often I find I'm hungover,''
''Got the moves like Jagger, I've got the moves like Jagger,''
''I've got the moooooooooooooooooves like Jagger!''

Lizzie: giggles
Get up, Mick! The scorpion's not there anymo.....Where'd it go?
everyone looks to the leg of the piano as a small creature crawls towards the keys
Watch out, Elton!!!!!!

Me: Elton gets stung, and collapses. Gomez kills the scorpion.
It's okay! He won't die, it was a massive scorpion! The smaller they are, the more venemous.
Mick: Scorpion geek. I whack him
Shut it, Rolling Stoner!

Lizzie: sighs and goes to the rotary phone to call the paramedics
How does Bowie have a telephone in his dreams... Hmm...
Elton begins twitching a bit. Mick starts to freak out.
Mick, please calm down! I can't hear that well on this phone! beats the old machine on the table
Oh, great...Someone's cut the cord...

Me: That would be the mouse. Here, use my mobile. gives Lizzie the mobile
Mick: What if he dies?!
Did you not pay ANY attention to what I just said?! NO, HE WON'T, PROVIDING WE CALL THE PARAMEDICS! puts arm round Mick You really are an idiot sometimes.
Mick: Hey! You! Get off of my shoulder!

Lizzie: giggles There's no reception in Bowie's head O_O

Me: Elton suddenly springs up
Elton: Cause I'm a rocketman! collapses again
OH NO! He's having musical seisures! Lizzie! Find reception!

Lizzie: Uh...Uh....
runs in circles, trying to find one sliver of wi-fi
Mick: Jumpin' Jack Flash!!! Let me just start him up!!!
Mick slams his fist on Elton's chest
No! Mick stop that!...........Oh, found it! dials 911
Yes, Elton John was stung by a scorpion...I'm not kidding....Where are we?
looks around
Um...David Bowie's dream...What do you mean you are reporting me to the police?....Ha, good luck trying to find us then! hangs up
Mick: Are they coming?
What do you think, Jagger?!

Me: rolls eyes Jagger! CPR, now!
Mick: What the-I'd rather give Bowie CPR-whoops, did I say that out loud?
O.o And the penny drops. George shall not be pleased.

Lizzie: Oh, Jagger...
Are you even CPR certified?
Mick: Uh...I don't want to do it, though...
But you have the lung capacity! pushes Mick towards Elton Save his life, Mick!!!!!

Me: Jagger sighs, and reluctantly gives Elton CPR
Elton: jumps up Cause I'm a rock-hang on, I feel great! Yay!
Well Jumpin' Jack Flash! He's cured!
Mick: That's MY catchphrase!
glances at watch Lizzie, we'd better get out of his head. Say your goodbyes!

Lizzie: Aw, it was nice to meet y'all!
Elton: Charmed! Bye to you both!
Mick: Yeah, bye guys waves

''Sorry if it was long, but I had to get all the hilarity into it XD''

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