Give me love (Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles Love Story)

If you've never heard of Ed you need to listen to Give Me Love, A Team, You need me, man, I Don't Need you, and Grade 8 by him. He is my new obsession!!!!!! Ive had three dreams about Harry so Im just going to go for it combine the both of them into a love story. Hope this works out.

Chapter 1


by: Brice19
"Zayn, stop, I don't want too." I whined.
My best friend Zayn was tugging me out of the car by my feet. He wanted me to meet his band, well actually it was THE band. Me and Zayn go way back, since we were little. His mom and my mom were, and still are, best friends so we always went over to his house. I moved to London about a month ago because I'm going to the University here in 2 months. Zayn was so excited, he made me promise, I would come and meet his band, One Direction.
"You promised me Molly, now stop being a baby or ill carry you inside" Zayn said. Letting go of my feet and opening his arms like he was going to pick me up. "Fine, fine, I'm going keep your pants on" i said getting out of the car. Zayn chuckled, beckoning for me to follow him up to the house. I looked at my self in the mirror one more time, hey got to make a good first impression. I was wearing Jean shorts, and one of my favorite shirts, and Nike sneakers.
For some reason my hair was extra curly today, stretching all the way to the middle of my back. My blue eye scanned my outfit in the mirror as I got up, turning to follow Zayn up to the house. Zayn opened the door, I walked in closely behind him my hands clasped to his jacket. I dont like meeting people, especially this type of situation. I heard some noise deeper in the house and Zayn called out "HEY GUYS I WANT YOU TO MEET SOMEONE"
I whimpered quietly, then it seemed like a whole stampede of feet were galloping towards, where me and Zayn were standing. "Zayn, do you have food?" I heard one voice say. "Zayn guess what? No one missed you" I heard another voice say. Zayn's body vibrated from laughing. I peeked around Zayn, to see 4 boys standing there jumping up and down. They gasped. "is that what I think it is, holy man, Zayn finally has a girlfriend" this boy had brown sort of straight hair which ran of in all directions, a boy with massive curly hair, who was pretty cute. Went into a chorus of the hallelujah. "No shut up" they stopped singing lookinG at him innocently. "This is my best friend Molly remember? I told she was coming today?"
"oh yeahh, I do remember you saying something along those lines." said the boy with the brown hair sticking in all directions, which I think that one is Louis? A boy with less curly hair, wacked Louis in the head. "I'm Liam" said the one who just smacked Louis. he held out his hand i shook it, stepping out from behind Zayn. "I'm Niall" said the one who asked for food. "Im Louis but you can call me Louis" said the one I thought was Louis. I laughed quietly at the weird face he made. "and I'm Harry" said the one with the massive curly hair, he winked at me cheekily making me blush.

Sorry it's short it's just the introduction comment if you like it.


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